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Kennel Evacuation Lead – KEL

The Kennel Evacuation Lead (KEL) was inspired by the Manchester Dogs Home fire. The concept was to design a lead that is essentially treated like a Fire Extinguisher, stored with easy access in the unlikely event of a fire.

A Multi-function Lead

The lead is multi-function and is designed to be secured around trees and to fences. We generally give these away to rescues (maximum 10 per organisation) but the public are also able to buy these. If you are a rescue please call 01522 810150 to request some of our KEL leads.

We are in the process of protecting the design against being copied, we will update the page when this is through.

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Making dog leads for a living

Making dog leads for a living – So just over 10 years on and I’ve hit a pretty major milestone in my self-employed career. I’ve been making dog leads for 10 years now and loved [mostly] every minute of it. My sewing machine had its first ever service last month (yes first ever), I finally figured out how to understand the stitching faults the machine was throwing up sometimes, thanks to Julian Kidd who came out to give her a little service and educate me in how to thread the darn thing up properly.


Unfortunately having spent £500 on a new WordPress website and being told nothing would change, I’ve battled with a decline in sales. My partner and I sat here on a Saturday afternoon going through sales figures since 2009 and being a wiz with Excel, Seb did some figures and calculations for me which doesn’t look pretty, so onwards and upwards, I’m doing my best to rebuild her and make Meg Heath Dog Leads better than Facebook business page – big mistake. You live and learn and if you don’t make your own mistakes you don’t learn do you, so again, onward.

Update: WOW, a bit of SEO work thanks to the Yoast plugin and LOTS (and I mean lots) of research into marketing strategies and my sales have, shall we say, INCREASED. I am now on a mission and not wanting to share my secrets with my competitors I have my work cut out for next week. I’ll give you a clue – Competitor Research! That’s all I’m saying.

Anyway best go and make some dog leads. Have a look at my Design Protected Car Safety Boot Lead at

~ Sarah

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10 year anniversary

10 year anniversaryJune 2016 is our 10 year anniversary & we’re quite excited. This time 10 years ago I was at Heckington Show, Lincolnshire and I was inspired by a stall – I thought “I can do this and better!” Back in 2006 I was also a dog trainer, I did classes, private lessons and residential training. I knew the importance of the long line and as a trainer I knew that without a long line, you couldn’t really train a recall (coming back when called) with any degree of success.

So after I designed my training lead I made lots of different types of dog leads, I even designed a new type of head collar. All my leads were made with a passion. They were hand stitched when each order came through – none of our leads were pre-made.

Today I still use the same sewing machine. I have bought another straight stitch machine and an embroidery machine, so we do personalised leads and collars too now. This business supports my work in the boarding kennels and now the dog rescue at Meg Heath.

A bit about our dog leads – our 10 year anniversary !

We mainly make long training leads from 5 up to 50 metres and primarily used for recall training and allowing dogs extra freedom who would not ordinarily be allowed of the lead. They are made from a soft cushion web which is strong and durable but still nice to hold. Our leads are popular amongst dog trainers & I use them in my kennels, especially the ones made with brass fittings as they last longer with abuse! We find that they are great for dogs who have maybe been rescued and have had no previous training. It’s such a shame that they cant always be allowed off the lead but with a long line, they can.

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5 year Guarantee on our dog leads and collars

Dog Training Leads

We give a Lifetime Guarantee for *stitching faults and a 5 Year Guarantee for all other faults. We know that a good guarantee shouldn’t cost us anything and we’re quietly confident having seen customers dogs with collars and leads still in full working order after 5 years. There are obvious exclusions such as –

  • Wear and tear
  • Chewing
  • Fraying from being constantly rubbed up against something
  • Misuse of a lead or collar not for its’ intended purpose
  • Any other use of the product at MHDL’s discretion that is considered unreasonable use

So really if you look after your product and use it as intended then we will be happy to replace it with our no quibble exchange (subject to inspection).

* When our stitching has literally failed. You can send a photo as proof as long as we can establish from the photo it is a Meg Heath product, we will despatch a new one. We may ask you to post it back for inspection as the lead may be subject to wear and tear or extreme use in which case we will be glad to replace it at the cost of a new one from our online store.

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How we started

How We Started

A lot of people ask me how we started this business. It was sort of planned and unplanned to be fair. I went to Heckington Show, Lincolnshire in 2006 and saw a stall selling dog leads – training leads, dog leads, training lines, long lines, dog collars etc. I thought I can do this better.

So I bought an industrial sewing machine for under £300 and found my supplier to buy webbing, trigger hooks, O rings and the rest of my supplies. I bought my own software to design the website to sell the dog leads from and designed it myself. I updated the software over the years, but it was essentially all my design.


In Sep 2012 my old website was badly hacked – it was fatal! What a learning curve that was for the dog leads business! Anyway, I had a new site designed costing a few ££££ and managed to resurrect the old dog leads web page by installing some code to tell Google that my page was OK again and malware free!

Now 12 years later I’m very happy with the way things are going, but trying to teach myself some marketing strategies. This Blog is part of that.

Why not try us, we are truly bespoke and make all your dog leads & collars from the raw materials just sat here in command central, nothing is a stock item, I sew them when your order comes through.

In October 2015 we decided to go for a complete overhaul of the site you see today. It is worked on every week to keep it in tip-top condition. I look forward to discussing your dog lead and dog training requirements.

~ Sarah