Dog Head Collars

The dog head collar, a completely ingenious idea. Based on the concept where the head goes the body shall follow. The horse head collar was believed to be the original inspiration for the head collar designs that we know and love and also rely on for our essentially untrained dogs in the mysterious art of loose lead walking.

Pulling On The Lead

We tolerate pulling on the lead because essentially many people do not actually know how to teach loose lead walking. With the head collar, where a dog will easily wear head headcollars, they can be immediately transformed and a pleasant walk is entirely possible.

What do people say?

THE NEW SIMPLE LEADER HEAD COLLAR – This headcollar is 100% PERFECT! Put it on Ollie this morning, he once rubbed his face but from then on he was very happy to wear it for the whole walk and, because he has it on (and he knows) he walked perfectly. Because of the fit unlike a ‘Halti’ it can stay on the whole time and doesn’t inhibit the dog at all. There are no loose bits to catch on anything so its perfectly safe. It is so simple and easy to use and it works very well indeed. I am a very happy lady thank you Sarah

Wendy McDonald November 2016

simple leader head collar

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Showing all 3 results