Dog Walking Belt

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Dog Walking Belt – an adjustable black 50mm dog walking belt to make walking dogs who pull considerably easier & hands free!

Who is this product suitable for?

  • Professional Dog Walkers
  • Pet Sitters
  • People with shoulder, arm, wrist, back, leg or ankle injuries
  • For dogs that pull on the lead
  • Owners of multiple dogs
  • General hands-free dog walking pleasure!

Design updated 18th February 2019



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Dog Walking Belt – the first of our dog walking accessories range to help solve dog walking dilemmas and lead to a stress-free hands-free dog walking experience. This walking belt was redesigned in February 2019 to provide a better experience for those looking for answers to dog walking dilemmas such as pulling on the lead, strong or heavy dogs, walking multiple dogs or just general ease of walking your dog/s hands-free.

Separates or Bundle?

The base product comes with the walking belt on its own. The product has optional upgrades to include 1-4 lead attachments and/or 1-4 Super leashes (adjustable leads).


Super Leash Adjustable Dog Lead
Super Leash adjustable dog lead – an optimum dog walking length of 1 – 1.35 cm.


dog walking belt and dog lead attachment
This image shows a 50mm Dog Walking Belt in purple (left) with an example of the lead attachment (right)


How this product can improve your dog walks

  • Improve safety immediately, eliminate accidental letting go of your dogs lead
  • Hands-free dog training
  • Hands-free dog walking
  • Easy reward control – praise and dog treat dispensing
  • Walk more than 1 dog with ease

How does it work?

The belt is an adjustable waist belt made from 50mm webbing. You have the option to customise the belt by having it padded with fleece.

  • 50mm waistband
  • Adjustable with hook & loop (Velcro TM)
  • 2 attachment points
  • Lifetime Stitching Guarantee

Works with…

Works perfectly with any dog lead with a ring on the handle, however, we have designed an adjustable lead called the Super Leash that can be bought as part of this bundle.

What fittings will your dog walking belt come with?

The 50mm belt comes with 2 metal D rings and sturdy plastic buckle with heavy duty hook & loop Velcro to adjust. If you purchase the bundle, you get the (up to 4) belt attachments (see main product image of the short double ended section) & the Super Leash.

Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.

5 reviews for Dog Walking Belt

  1. Mandy Parker

    I bought the dog walking belt with padding because I’m a professional dog walker with a wrist problem. I’m very impressed with the quality of the belt, it’s beautifully made. It’s very comfortable, even when the dogs are pulling and it’s also very easy to adjust with strong Velcro. It’s made my job so much easier and taken the pressure off my wrist. It’s great to be hands-free and makes collecting the dogs together at the end of the walk so much easier. I would definitely recommend this belt to all dog walkers.

  2. Jennie White

    Hello, I have purchased from you the walking belt on invoice #6335. After we had a chat on the phone and you informed me that if I was not happy with the bespoke belt we can arrive at some sort of arrangement. That will not be necessary. I am extremely pleased with the product. It is better than I expected and as I said to you that I was nearly 6ft tall and wanted a belt that would go over numerous layers for dog walking in the winter. As a professional dog walker, this product is astoundingly amazing. I tried it out today with all 4 dogs clipped to the belt and it withstood all four dogs pulling, 3 labs and 1 pointer. I expect that after a week or so they will stop pulling as they will be going nowhere strapped on my belt with nowhere to go! Thank you for a fantastic, solid feeling, great quality product. There is no skimping on the parts making up the belt. Thanks a million. I will be recommending your products to any other walkers who ask me where the belt was sourced. xxx regards Jennie

  3. Shona Graham

    I was looking for a walking belt and searched many different sites and accidentally stumbled across this site. So glad I did.
    Quality and service absolutely superb absolutely delighted with the walking belt so much so I went on to order a long training lead for recal work. Got fluorescent yellow so the line would be nice and visible. Excellent service and fast delivery so pleased with the products I’ve had.

  4. Benn O’Connor

    Hi Sarah,

    Sorry did get your email about feedback yesterday or the day before and have been meaning to reply!

    Honest review of the walking belt

    As a basic entry level walking belt it’s spot on. My ageing staffie who likes to just plod along with the occasional burst of jogging (wouldn’t call it running ha ha ha) it more than does the job, it doesn’t dig in or rub.

    But when I’m walking my clients nine month old GSD x Husky X Staffie after five to ten minutes it does dig in and rub on your lower back. She is a puller, full of energy and excitement, the world is still full of wonders and random things for her to explore and sniff out.

    I did have a few thoughts that you could do a range of walking belts? The one I bought as your basic entry level walking belt.

    Then do two others that are bigger maybe two or three inches deep. One maybe elasticated and the other out of the normal fabric.

    Option to purchase a padded sleeve that covers the back part to help protect people’s backs when walking a strong dog or a puller, that could have various things embroidered on to it such as:

    “NO DOGS”
    “I’M DEAF”
    Dog walkers business name or logo/slogan
    Dogs name
    etc etc…

    And could even venture in to a Canicross/Bikejoring range as that’s becoming a very popular sport for people with dogs.

    Hope this is helpful in someway


    ** From Sarah – Hi Benn, Ive marked your review as a 4 star because of your feedback about the belt when using with larger breeds. Talk about food for thought. So I’ve already sent you an email asking if you will test run a 50mm belt for me, I’ll also pad it. All I ask is for more great feedback like this one. Feedback like this helps me improve my products.

    To people viewing this review – I have copied Benns email IN FULL and will be trialing a 50mm padded belt next week (commencing 26th Feb 2018).

  5. Val Goff

    Dear Sarah
    Love both products.
    The walking belt was just what I was looking for. It is very comfortable, easy to attach a lead with the carabiner clip.
    Both the leads – great length, light and easy to wipe clean after long muddy walks – and the belt are well made.
    Kind regards
    Val Goff

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