Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Dog collars are a basic requirement for the safety and handling of your dog. Attached to which should be a tag with your dogs’ details on it by Law.

This fabulous neck-wear will last well with proper use and wash well, coming up like new. Plenty of colour options with brass or nickel fittings.

A new range of dog collars

We now stock a range of pre-made leather, faux leather and material collars such as tweed and cotton.

We make neoprene collars, fleece lined collars, martingale and half check (with chains and material). We have also added a range of leather, faux leather, tweed and cotton.


Their use goes back thousands of years. The Greeks gave their dogs spiked collars in an effort to deter wolves from killing the farm dogs by ripping their throats out. Today some like the prong collar which is spiked on the inside, still exist as an anti-pulling device. Originally used in ancient Egypt to display the status of the family and the dog, different materials were used such as gold, brass, silver, silk, velvet and leather as people started to personalise their dogs’ collars.

Nowadays, they are more likely to be made from manmade materials such as nylon, polypropylene, faux suede and leather, but also real leather is still used. During the reign of King Henry VIII, they were used to represent how many battles a dog had survived. Sounds barbaric now, but in those days dogs were seen as possessions and the collar was fitted with padlocks where only the owner had a key.

Dog Training

In the name of dog training, the controversial electric collar is a type of battery operated device that delivers a battery-powered shock to a dog in the attempt to stop nuisance barking, a bit like a static shock on their neck. The shock is delivered either remotely by the handler or activated by the vibration from the dogs’ bark.

Another alternative is citronella. This type is battery operated and either activated by sound or vibration. Sound activated citronella collars are not suitable where they can be activated by anything other than the dog wearing it, such as neighbouring dogs.

Ultrasonic variants emit a high resonance tone which cannot be heard by the human ear, but due to the dogs superior hearing, they are ‘punished’ by the ultrasonic sound whenever it is triggered. Similar units can also be purchased that you situate in your house or garden and not worn.

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