Dog Harness

The dog harness is a walking aid which may help prevent pulling although often used as an alternative to a dog collar to walk your dog.

Our new design called the MARTY is a harness requiring no lifting of the legs hence easier to put on and great for older dogs.


Made to be fully adjustable and comes in a range of colours. Created by myself, this harness is unique. Designed like all of my bespoke products to be easy to use and above all comfortable for your dog.

All you need to do is look at our handy sizing chart and measure your dogs’ girth size (although this is not always necessary once you’ve matched up your breed size on our sizing chart.

Dog Harness

Does it work?

This dog harness was never marketed as a stop pull harness, but it soon became apparent that it was, in fact, helping to minimise and in some cases stop dogs from pulling on the lead.

New In

We now stock a small range of other designs of dog harnesses. The fleece harness is our newest addition to our online store.

Fleece Dog Harness Royal Blue

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