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Dog Leads, Dog Collars, Training Leads, Harnesses, Head Collars all UK handmade

We specialise in handmade dog leads, collars, head collars and harnesses

We specialise in handmade dog leads, dog collars, head collars and dog harness’ and we are based in Lincolnshire, UK. I make and design my own products.

A lot of my handmade products are unique to Meg Heath, some have Design Rights registered such as the Simple Leader Dog Head Collar, The Car Boot Lead for Dogs and the Martingale Dog Harness. We offer a no quibble Lifetime Stitching Guarantee.

I have been making handmade dog leads & collars for 12.5 years. I take pride in running the whole show which includes all the website design and development, marketing and sales.

What is unique about our products?

Meg Heath is based in the UK and every lead, collar, harness or head collar is handmade to order. Our products are tough, well made, washable and designed with your dog in mind. Being a former dog trainer and boarding kennel owner, I know what is suitable for your dog. I am confident knowing what will work and what design is required to make the products long lasting and effective.

Bespoke Handmade Dog Leads

Sometimes you may want something that is not listed. You may also want to slightly change a design to make it perfect for you and your dog. We are open to bespoke ideas and welcome your creations.

Walking beltSpecial Designs & one-offs

Recently I was asked to make a unique design for a mum of an autistic little girl. Mum had a bad experience with her little girl running out into the road so asked me if I could make a childharness design for her. I gladly accepted and made the harness as a prototype with a view to a padded one with a leash with a padded handle. Her limited motor skills meant that a front buckle clip was most suitable, but with this design, it is fully reversible.

Mum was advised by her physiotherapist that with regards to her little girls hyper-mobility, a body harness which had an attachment in the centre of the back was going to be best. Being able to put the harness on like putting a coat on was also a criteria, Beth explained: “particularly with an autistic child or ADHD, it’s a lot easier to keep them still whilst stood in front of them than to try and do something up from the back”. The clips are really stiff so if your child does not have the fine motor skills to undo a buckle clip, this won’t be a problem, however, like I said these are fully reversible.

Beth wanted something that was soft, safe, secure and that didn’t cost a fortune. She also wanted something that was suitable for children who can walk well but that bolting was the issue than support. So there you go, the harness is all ready for testing, but not ready for sale yet.

Fellow designers & retailers

Are you a designer of pet apparel, but do not make your products? Do you have an idea or a prototype that you want to develop? No matter what stage you are at, we can work together to get you in business.

10 thoughts on “Dog Leads, Dog Collars, Training Leads, Harnesses, Head Collars all UK handmade

  1. I LOVE my 10 foot lead. It’s so practical, double it up to 5 ft for safe road side walking & let it out to 10 foot for a bit more freedom to explore smells in the woods but safe in the knowledge that your pup will be coming home with you at the end of the walk! I bought this as a dog walker for a spaniel that is a definite flight risk when on a squirrel chase! It makes our walks so much easier. It’s a lovely colour too, I have a 20 foot blue lead but I prefer the colour of this one.

    Thanks so much
    Claire Thornton [Claire’s Paw Patrol]

  2. Hi Sarah,

    First of all I must say how impressed I was with the speed at which I received my order – I couldn’t believe it when it dropped through my front door within a couple of days of placing the order.

    This was the first time I had ordered the Marty (or used any harness) but like many other customers had said in their reviews, it was simple to fit and adjust and lovely and soft, just like your collars and leads. My dog Merlin didn’t even notice anything different from his normal collar and it certainly did not stop him running after the ball as usual when off lead! When on the lead I feel I have more control if he lunges towards another dog (he is very protective and doesn’t like his space invaded – he ignores other dogs if they don’t appear threatening or in his face too much) and it is kinder to his neck and offers more security.

    I wasn’t sure if Merlin would take to this harness so I also bought another half check collar just in case, together with a new police style training lead, both of which were of course up to the usual high standard I have come to expect from you.

    So thank you again Sarah!


  3. I asked Sarah to custom make me a walking belt to which dog leads could be attached to enable me to walk my dogs safely, whilst not straining my hands and wrists which are very arthritic. The brief was quite loose, as Sarah is the expert and knew exactly what was needed. I’m sure she must had had her doubts though! The belt and leads that she came up with are perfect, and I would highly recommend anyone with who has difficulties keeping hold of energetic dogs on the lead to seek out her advice. Thank you Sarah. Gee

  4. Excellent products. Well made and in good range of colours

    1. wow thanks Alison, always good to get feedback on our dog leads.

  5. I’ve bought several items from ‘Meg Heath Leads’ – 2 car boot safety leads, a 10m long line, a custom-made collar and 2 custom-made double ended carabiner training leads! The carabiner training leads have been my most important purchase. I now have absolute confidence that my dog is completely safe if we’re walking by a road, following a nightmare with a previous ‘shop-bought’ lead. Communication was brilliant with the custom-made orders – I got exactly what I wanted! Everything I’ve bought has been made to a very high standard, fab quality and very quickly delivered! Highly recommended!!

  6. I bought 2 car boot safety leads from here to try and stop my dogs jumping out of the back of the estate, but at the same time keeping them safe whilst I was driving. My rescue GSD being the worst culprit for jumping out as soon as the boot starts to open, this way I know she is safe and will not run off and be scared as she is very nervous and not good around strangers.
    The quality of the leads is great and well worth the money. Both dogs, the GSD and black Lab have room to move around with the leads clipped onto their harnesses, they sit up, lie down even get up to bark at passing cyclists when we are parked. Sorry cyclists but they are only protecting their space.

    1. Thanks Kathryn, glad to hear the dog leads are working for you.

  7. We purchased two boot safety leads for our lively black labs. Previously we would have to be very careful when opening the boot – as our labs would be very eager to jump out! With our new safety leads, we can open the boot with the knowledge that they are not going to come to any danger. They can still lay down and relax in the boot – as the leads are long enough not to restrict their movement. Excellent quality too!

    1. Thanks Ali, dog leads working as intended, very pleased !

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