Dog Leads, Dog Collars, Training Leads, Harnesses, Head Collars all UK handmade

Handmade dog leads, dog collars, head collars and harnesses

Many of my handmade products are unique to Meg Heath Dog Leads, some have Design Rights registered such as the Simple Leader Dog Head Collar, the Car Boot Lead for dogs and the Martingale Dog Harness. We also offer a no quibble Lifetime Stitching Guarantee, I bet you won’t see many pet product retailers do this. That’s because we are confident.

I have been making handmade dog leads & collars for 12 years. I take pride in running the whole show which includes all the website design and development, marketing and sales.

What is unique about our dog products?

Meg Heath are based in the UK and every lead, collar, harness or head collar is handmade to order. Our products are tough, well made, washable and designed with your dog in mind. Being a former dog trainer and boarding kennel owner, I know what is suitable for your dog. I am confident knowing what will work and what design is required to make the products long lasting and effective.

Dog Identification tags / discs

Dog tags are new to Meg Heath. At the moment we are focussing on tags that are just that little bit better than main stream tags. The ones we currently stock are slide on dog tags. Please add about 5 extra days to your order.

Bespoke Handmade Dog Leads & Collars

Sometimes you may want something that is not listed. You may also want to slightly change a design to make it perfect for you and your dog. We are open to bespoke ideas and welcome your creations.

Special Pet Designs & one-offs

Recently I was asked to make a unique design for a mum of an autistic little girl. Mum had a bad experience with her little girl running out in to the road so asked me if I could make a child-harness design for her. I gladly accepted and made the harness as a prototype with a view to a padded one with a leash with a padded handle. Her limited motor skills meant that a front buckle clip was most suitable, but with this design, it is fully reversible.

Best advise from the pro’s

Mum was advised by her physiotherapist that with regards to her little girls hyper-mobility, a body harness which had an attachment in the centre of the back was going to be best. Being able to put the harness on like putting a coat on was also a criteria, Beth explained “particularly with an autistic child or ADHD, it’s a lot easier to keep them still whilst stood in front of them than to try and do something up from the back”. The clips are really stiff so if your child does not have the fine motor skills to undo a buckle clip, this won’t be a problem, however, like I said these are fully reversible.

Soft, safe, secure products

Beth wanted something that was soft, safe, secure and that didn’t cost a fortune. She also wanted something that was suitable for children who can walk well but that bolting was the issue than support. So there you go, the harness is all ready for testing, but not ready for sale yet.

Fellow doggy designers & pet product retailers

Are you a designer of pet apparel, but do not make your products? Do you have an idea or a prototype that you want to develop? No matter what stage you are at, we can work together to get you in business.