Dream Walker Head Collar Lead Combo

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Dream Walker Head Collar Lead combo for dogs. A new product from Meg Heath, designed to be the leader in head collar designs of 2019. Chose from leading as a figure of 8 or under the chin. Includes an integrated lead which may be used to clip to a collar or harness too.

  • Optional adjustable safety clip to be used to attach the Dream Walker to a dog collar.
  • Optional padded neoprene noseband for ultimate comfort for your dog
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Dream Walker Head Collar Lead Combo designed to be the leader in Head Collars for dogs in 2019.

The dream walker does exactly that. My cockapoo would normally pull and make going for a walk exhausting. Now I am able to enjoy a pleasurable comfortable walk. I would definitely recommend the Dream Walker for dogs that pull on the lead. Dawn (Cornwall)

What are the Dream Walkers’ features?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to fit
  • Effective
  • Optional padded neoprene noseband
  • Unique pretty webbing
  • Optional safety clip
  • No need to measure
  • Use as Figure of 8 or clip under the chin
  • 2 colours
  • Integrated dog lead
  • Simple to adjust


What size do I choose?

No measuring is necessary for this head collar! Just fill in the breed or approximate weight of your dog.

How to make sure the Dream Walker is fitted correctly

You will see there is a plastic slider – called a tri-slide – at the top of the head collar section. Once the head collar is on, slide this down to make a snug fit.

Remember, loose headcollars are not effective and although they should not be too tight, just tight enough means you will get the full effectiveness from your Dream Walker.


We suggest the following different uses for the Dream Walker –

  • Use as a figure of 8 head collar, where the integrated dog lead comes off between the dogs’ ears at the back of their head.
  • Attach the integrated dog lead to the ring under the dog’s chin to use like a Simple Leader or ‘Halti style’.
  • Attach the integrated lead to the dogs’ collar or harness for extra safety
  • Purchase the optional adjustable safety clip, joining the Dream Walker to the collar.
  • Use the clip on the end of the integrated lead to attach to a walking belt


Q Does it matter what side my dog walks on?

A No, it does not. You can use the Dream Walker as we have suggested and the side your dog walks on will not matter.

Q What if my dog won’t wear a Dream Walker?

Have a look at the downloads section below. There is a link to the instructions to read, download and print if need be.


The Dream Walker is pretty versatile, but we thought we’d add our suggestions of how to use it to the ones I’m sure you will find!


We decided that making a decision to buy a headcollar shouldn’t be limited to how you want to use it. So with the DREAM WALKER you can clip the end of the integrated lead under the chin or use a separate lead to clip under the chin.

You can see from putting the DREAM WALKER on to your dog that the integrated lead guides your dog from the back of their head, so this gives you 2 options enabling you to find the most effective method for both you and your dog.

THE LEAD section

We call this the integrated lead. It comprises of a small clip right at the person end of the lead and a ring to clip that to make a handle. The clip, as stated above, can also be used to clip under the chin to guide your dog from there.


Stand facing your dog, (or from the side, whichever is most comfortable for you both), hold the nose section and the head section and pop it on slipping the nose section on then the head section over their ears.

Take a moment (especially with longer coats) to make sure their coat is not caught and is comfy for your dog. Run your fingers under their ears, again making sure nothing is caught and the hair is comfy underneath.


The ethos of the DREAM WALKER was to simplify the buying and subsequent fitting experience, making it easier for everyone to have a headcollar that made your doggy walks a dream again.

So, you will see at the top of the headcollar is a slider. Slide the plastic bit gently down, so that your DREAM WALKER fits ever so snug. Make sure you can just put a finger in between the webbing and your dogs’ coat.

What if?

  1. What if my dog backs away when I try to put the DREAM WALKER on?

There are probably lots of training techniques you can use, but here’s one we recommend. Get some of your dogs’ favourite treats, hold the DREAM WALKER out as if you were going to put it on, put your hand through the nose and head loop offering them a treat. Repeat this without the intention of using it yet until your dog will allow you to put the DREAM WALKER on.

  1. What if I have put the DREAM WALKER on, but my dog tries to paw it off?

You have your work cut out, but here’s what I recommend. Forget about using the DREAM WALKER for now to walk your dog, think about the times when you can put it on but do some fun things. So, what you could do is:

  1. Feed them their usual food with it on
  2. Feed them a few bits of something ever so tasty with it on
  3. Play with them with it on
  4. Put it on and do nothing
  5. … you get the picture?

Above all perseverance, positive association and patience is the key.

© 2019 Sarah Gleave ~ Meg Heath Dog Leads

Design Application Number 6057618


2 reviews for Dream Walker Head Collar Lead Combo

  1. Dawn

    The dream walker does exactly that. My cockapoo would normally pull and make going for a walk exhausting. Now I am able to enjoy a pleasurable comfortable walk. I would definitely recommend the Dream Walker for dogs that pull on the lead. Dawn (Cornwall)

  2. mollietrudgill16

    Received my bespoke dream walker head collar this week. I absolutely love it! Ordered it in 25mm and sky blue with padding and a safety clip. It fits wonderfully and it’s very comfortable on my dog. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a strong dog that pulls.

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