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The Marty, a revolutionary no fuss, dog walking harness. This harness works to minimise pulling on the lead. A uniquely designed martingale walking harness. It has a martingale type action over the dogs’ shoulders not seen in any other harness that I know of and cannot be copied due to our Design Protection of this product (No: 6023646).

“Martingale harness – what a revolutionary product! Bought medium size for my whippet, the fit is great, no more tension on his neck. Five stars!”


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Simplicity & Comfort

The main features of this dog walking harness are its’ simplicity, comfort, the range of colours, easy to fit without lifting any legs so works well with fidgety, old and arthritic dogs. Both straps are adjustable, with the girth strap attaching with a strong curved side release buckle.

This harness is a diamond. Its’ simplicity, ingenuity, comfort and unique qualities make it a purchase for this year, one that we are sure you will not regret. The Marty is a well tested, unique design, blogged about and immensely popular. It is my harness of choice in the kennels for those difficult to walk dogs and above all for those strong pullers. Paired with the dog walking belt, you can be sure of a less bumpy ride with those more difficult doggies!


“A good quality, well-fitting harness…something that is pretty hard to come by! It is super comfortable, lightweight, well made and easy to put on. What I especially love about the harness is that you don’t need to lift any legs to get it on and fasten it up. Perfect for old or arthritic dogs, but also for reluctant walkers!”  – IG: @littleowl_ (blogger review)

Easy to get on and no rubbing. Nice & secure with no escaping, making the walk a lot easier and safer than a collar – Fran – @whingewhingewine (blogger review).

Both breast and girth sections of the harness are fully adjustable, so you’ll have no problems getting it to fit. – IG: @littleowl_ (blogger review)

The Martingale Dog Harness or ‘The Marty’ has, as the name suggests, a martingale action over the dogs’ shoulders which works to stop or minimise pulling on the lead which, although originally sold as a walking harness, the Marty is helping people walk their dogs more pleasantly helping to prevent or minimise pulling on the lead.

We are more than pleased, this word doesn’t go far enough. You are a very gifted individual with excellent interpersonal skills. Would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company and products – Hope you continue to prosper. Mr Hamilton

Our puppy harnesses have arrived, beautifully made and very substantial. Made to measure and you do not pay any more than ones you can buy that don’t fit. So pleased my daughter recommended Meg Heath brilliant products. V Hamilton

The Martingale Dog Harness comprises of an adjustable breast/chest section, an adjustable girth section and a martingale effect over the dogs’ shoulders. Fitting of the martingale harness requires no legs to be lifted making this dog harness suitable for all dogs especially fidgety, older or arthritic dogs.

I’m very hard to please. I placed a very specific order for a bespoke harness and collar for a large bull breed dog. 48 hours after placing my order I received perfection! The colour, the fit, the quality all perfect. The style stops my boy pulling. 100% satisfied. I will be placing more orders and telling my friends about Sarah. Thank you.

Please follow the instructions below for measuring your dog properly.

Dog Harness

Martingale Dog Harness Measuring Guide

How to measure your dog for the Meg Heath martingale dog harness
How to measure your dog for a Meg Heath Martingale Harness (Marty)


Martingale Harness Measuring Instructions

  1. Take a cloth tape and measure your dogs’ girth (see image above for guidance). The girth is the full circumference of the widest part of your dog’s tummy just behind the elbows, circling to the shoulder area.
  2. The chest measurement is best described by looking at the above image.

Fitting suggestions by breed type & weight

Breed Type Suggested Size harness
Jack Russell type >10 kg Small
Small cross breed >20 kg Medium
Border Collie >25 kg Medium
Labrador Retriever 30-35 kg Large
German Shepherd + 35 kg Large
Giant breed 40 kg + Made to measure

Images courtesy of Whinge Whinge Wine and Plutonium Sox

Design Number: 6023646 15 December 2017.

17 reviews for Martingale Dog Harness

  1. Jenny Rees

    Dear Sarah, we received our martingale harness that we had ordered for our neighbour’s terrier that we walk regularly here in Spain where we live. I seem to have ordered far too large a size, but it just about fits, if a bit lose. I found I was able to cut off a very long piece of strap that was hanging down under her tummy, and I was, fortunately, about to stitch the end satisfactorily so that will not fray.
    I can see that she is responding well to the martingale effect and I am now expecting to see good results from that, as pointed out by some of your other customers. The little dog seems very happy in her new harness and we thank you for the care you have put into your product. However, it is not easy ordering this type of item on a website, so the more help you could give the better, ie illustrations or drawings.
    Many, many thanks and best wishes for your leads and collars and the lucky dogs that wear them.

  2. Sarah Fox

    Dear Sarah,

    The new harness you sent is perfect for my little Hamish. It has an added advantage of being able to grab him easily to put him back on his lead. Thank you so much.

    Best regards,

  3. Stephen N

    I recently bought a collar 25mm, lead 25mm and Martingale harness all in bottle green. The quality of these items is immeasurably better than any thing else I’ve seen or used and the service second to none. Sarah took time to advise me to ensure I chose the right size of harness and delivery was remarkably quick and in the Christmas rush. Many thanks to you Sarah.
    Stephen N.

  4. Evelyn Cooper Smith

    Dear Sarah

    I discovered the Meg Heath dog website purely by chance.
    I am very pleased I did!

    As a new dog owner with little experience, I had made several bad choices and purchase a variety of ill-fitting leads and harnesses

    In September I purchased a lead , long training lead and a harness from Meg Heath. The online ordering transaction was easy and smooth. The items arrived well packaged within a few days.

    Four months on I am still using all three items. The leads are very strong and robust.
    Despite my young dog continually jumping up and biting the lead it is still as good as new.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Meg Heath Dog leads.

    Kind regards
    Evelyn Cooper Smith

  5. Janet Wain

    Hi Sarah,

    First of all I must say how impressed I was with the speed at which I received my order – I couldn’t believe it when it dropped through my front door within a couple of days of placing the order.

    This was the first time I had ordered the Marty (or used any harness) but like many other customers had said in their reviews, it was simple to fit and adjust and lovely and soft, just like your collars and leads. My dog Merlin didn’t even notice anything different from his normal collar and it certainly did not stop him running after the ball as usual when off lead! When on the lead I feel I have more control if he lunges towards another dog (he is very protective and doesn’t like his space invaded – he ignores other dogs if they don’t appear threatening or in his face too much) and it is kinder to his neck and offers more security.

    I wasn’t sure if Merlin would take to this harness so I also bought another half check collar just in case, together with a new police style training lead, both of which were of course up to the usual high standard I have come to expect from you.

    So thank you again Sarah!

    Janet xxx

  6. Fiona

    Hi Sarah

    We are very pleased with the Martingale Harness and car boot lead system which works very well for our two yellow Labradors.The combination is much better than our previous set-up. I have purchased extra boot leads with handles so that we can take the dogs more easily from the car without having to detach the initial car boot leads from the headrests. Definitely worth five stars.


  7. Miriam O

    Very pleased with harness and lead supplied. Will buy again.

  8. Liz S

    Delighted with harness. Liz S

  9. Les Porter

    Hey Sarah. The harness that you designed for Zeus is the best thing since sliced bread. Easy to fit & stopped all the climbing all over me when trying to fit the old one. And he walks a treat on it
    Les Porter

  10. Jamie

    We are really happy with our purchases, we got a 30m long lead, a martingale harness and a collar. All are exceptionally well made and fit perfectly. The harness is a little work of art, combined with the long line, our rescue pointer has the illusion of freedom in complete safety while we get some basic training done. We will be buying all our future leads etc from you.


  11. John

    Hi Sarah,
    Received the harness we ordered in a couple of days, very pleased with it, thanks.

  12. Christine

    Excellent service, great product.

  13. J Keleher

    I’m very hard to please. I placed a very specific order for a bespoke harness and collar for a large bull breed dog. 48 hours after placing my order I received perfection! The colour, the fit, the quality all perfect. The style stops my boy pulling. 100% satisfied. I will be placing more orders and telling my friends about Sarah Thank you

  14. Belinda Buyze

    Just love the harness! I can be more relaxed walking my dog Ollie, I know he can’t escape me. Really glad I bought it!

  15. Dog Celebration

    Putting it on Diggy was super easy, I didn’t have to lift his legs to get the harness on, it simply slipped over his head and the clip went behind his front legs and clipped up at the side. When relaxed the harness is nice and loose around his girth and for Diggy I would imagine it feels like he isn’t even wearing one which is really nice for him, he does tend to be a bit reluctant when putting on harnesses normally but he does not do this with this harness. When out walking if Diggy begins to pull you can use the harness for a small correction and bring him back to your side by giving a light tug and the harness tightens at the top and then relaxes again. This action brings him straight back to my side! The design of this harness allows you to feel very relaxed knowing your dog is safe and secure too, back in Diggy’s puppy days he was quite the Houdini and would wiggle his way out of harnesses, this would have been the perfect harness back then to stop that from happening!

    I would highly recommend this harness for anybody that has a Houdini dog or a dog with arthritis or simply a dog that appreciates their comforts!

  16. Whinge whinge wine

    The harness comes in a variety of colours (everything from baby pink to er…wine) but we chose red because that’s his favourite. He’s so fancy. We also got him a padded breast section, because being a lurcher he’s very thin-skinned (I mean literally; don’t worry, you can call him all the names you like) and we have bought harnesses before which have rubbed and chafed.
    In order to test the harness, we thought we’d take it out on a walk. With the dog inside it, obviously. With the harness adjusted correctly, it was easy to get on and there was no rubbing at all.
    It was nice and secure; I am confident that we could leave him tethered for a while if need be with no escaping, and it made the walk a lot easier and safer than a collar walk.
    And as it happens, I can now confirm that the harness survived the washing machine on a short cycle, and is now dry and mud-free. Hurrah.
    I’m delighted with the harness and lead. They are both really useful, well-made products, which I have no doubt will see a lot of use.

  17. Meadow Daisy

    The martingale harness is just gorgeous and is super comfortable on that chunky little body. It’s lightweight, well made and is so easy to put on! What I especially love about it is that you don’t need to lift any legs to get it on and fasten it up. This would be perfect for old or arthritic dogs but it’s also super for Elsie here because she’s rather reluctant to get up for walkies in the morning…. haha!

    Both the breast and girth sections of the harness are completely adjustable so you’ll have no problems getting it to fit perfectly. The rings at the top of this product are also sturdy but small, perfect for slipping through the lead hole when your dog is wearing a coat or jumper.

    I really love the simplicity of this product. It’s no fuss and super lightweight so it’s perfect for small breeds such as pugs who are prone to get overheated quickly. As I’ve mentioned before, Elsie does pull when walking (especially when she can smell food!) but I have complete trust in this harness and there’s no way she can wriggle out of it whatsoever.

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