Using a multi length dog lead

About us

Owned and run by Sarah Gleave. Meg Heath Kennels, 1, Metheringham Heath, Nocton, Lincoln. LN4 2AJ

Tel: 01522 810150 Mobile: 07947 197713

How did Meg Heath start?

I started Meg Heath in 2006. I visited Heckington Show in July of that year and by chance saw a stall selling dog leads. I was attracted by this, being a dog trainer at the time, as I was using long training leads for my recall work with the dogs.

So I decided to start a business making and selling dog leads. It wasn’t long before I’d designed the Car Boot Lead in 2009, with a full range of leads and collars too.

Industrial Sewing Machine

I bought my own industrial sewing machine. I still use the same one, with some modifications to make it the amazing workhorse it is. You could say it is a trade secret which machine I use as it does such an amazing job.

I have tried a few other semi-industrial machines, but never found one that works like my current one. I did buy an embroidery machine but I wasted so much time trying to perfect embroidery on dog collars that I ended up just selling it for an easy life.

Shop Software – ShopFactory

I first used Shopfactory which is great software but it had a few flaws. Sometimes I would go for days without taking orders, 1 ) because I was only running the business part-time and 2 ) in the early days I was not busy every day and cared less if I’m honest with the boarding kennels being my main income.

In 2012, my site suffered a malware infection. I had another site built for about £2,30o. It was ‘pretty n all that’ but I never managed to get it to rank anywhere. I do recommend the platform though, it was Open Cart. It is a really clean UX and great backend, I was tempted to go back recently but wanted to keep all my stores on WordPress.

In 2015 I had my online store redesigned. I was lucky in as much as it only cost me a few hundred quid as I knew the designer, it also leads me to my second business of designing websites that I started in November 2017.


I now use the popular WordPress platform. Unless you know how to find out, I’ll keep the design secrets under my hat. I now run a successful full-time business making dog leads and collars for a living with several design rights on my creations list.

More about me

I love a good cappuccino, I have 8 dogs and still run Meg Heath Kennels. I love working on websites, which is now a career as well as looking after this store and several other websites too.

I’m a home bird and prefer pottering around at home with my dogs. I have some hobbies that you might not think I would do, hand embroidery being one of them. I recently took up pencil drawing again and making the odd handmade card. I love Drag Racing although I haven’t been for about 3 years. Nowadays on my days off, I can be found pottering around Lincoln drinking coffee and buying things for my dogs also known as spoiling them.

Who is responsible for the website content?

I am, (Sarah Gleave). I am responsible for all the content on the website, so all the site content accuracy etc is down to me so please contact me with any queries at

Customer Service

Yup, you’ve guessed it, me again.

How do we process payments for our products?

At the checkout, there are 2 options. You may pay by PayPal or Nochex, both are secure and can be confirmed by the padlock in your browsers address bar.

We may also process transactions securely over the telephone using Square. Square uses a Virtual Terminal to input your card details. We do this while you are on the phone and you get a receipt via email or mobile to confirm your payment.

Although we rarely do cardholder present transactions, we would use Square to do this.