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Which dog lead should I buy?

Which dog lead should I buy and why? We’ve set up a knowledge base for you to use as a guide to help you buy the right dog lead, collar, harness or head collar (halter).

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Of course buying a product doesn’t necessarily mean a cure-all for a problem. What it does is creates a tool kit, so you can work towards your end goal of a well trained dog. Stopping a dog from pulling on the lead is about training them to stop and walk nicely to heel. There are a number of dog training products out there that will help you achieve the goal of a well trained dog as well as some training techniques.

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The Simple Leader Head Collar

Designed by myself, rigorously tested on my dogs and with some key factors that make this head collar stand out from the rest of what is a pretty saturated pet product market.

  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable for the dog to wear
  • Easy for the owner to fit
  • Affordable
  • Customisable – with the option of being fully padded, brass O ring etc
  • And above all, it works

The Marty – Martingale Dog Harness

Another product designed by me with my signature key factors. Simplicity, usability, comfortable to wear, affordable and customisable. The most outstanding feature of this walking harness is that you do not have to lift up any of the dogs legs to put it on. This makes it a great dog harness for older dogs, fidgety dogs, dogs with arthritis or even dogs who don’t like having their legs touched.

The Marty was never sold as a stop pull device, but it soon became apparent as I was getting feedback, that this dog harness was in fact in some cases minimising or stopping dogs from pulling on the lead.

A second feature that was never planned but again was being reported was that this harness was suitable for houdini dogs, dogs who had slipped their harness. The martingale effect, seen on no other harness in the world (Design Rights are held my me), was helping to keep dogs safe from harnesses coming off. Of course it is essential that, as with all products, they are fitted properly and by properly, I mean tight enough.

My dog won’t come back when I call him.

Again, no dog lead will teach a dog to come back when you call him, what they do (again) is add to your professional dog training tool kit.

The Dog Training Lead aka The Long Line

Just for clarity the dog training lead and the long line are the same thing. Just to confuse you, the Dog Training Lead – Police Dog Style, is a different dog lead altogether, I will come to that later, as this has a specific use too.

The long line, a must have tool for teaching your dog to come when called. So what does it do and how can a simple dog lead be so valuable when the technique for teaching the recall is more important?

  • It physically stops your dog from running away, thus practicing the behaviour (the art!) of running off
  • When running off is practiced / repeated, it reinforces the behaviour
  • You will not find a finer reward than the buzz of a scent or another dog to play with – what ever turns your dog on / rewards them

What length do I need?

5-10 metres – for any dog, a 5-10 metre dog training lead will suffice depending on the size of your dog

10 – 20 metres – use for teaching the recall with larger dogs, use also for off leash exercise

20 metres plus – for use exercising your dog, recommended uses where there are no trees, bushes etc, best areas are open fields and the beach

I have a rescue dog who is not allowed off the lead.

It is a common practice amongst the more experienced dog handlers in the dog rescue world, that a procedure called ‘double leading’ is the safest. Double leading means you are attaching one product to 2 products. For example: the dog training lead – police dog style, is attached to a collar and harness. May also be used to attach to a collar and head collar or any combination as per these examples. The premise being that if one fails, your dog is still safely attached to another item. Of course for ultimate safety, use our dog walking belt too.

The Dog Training Lead – Police Dog Style

A double ended, multi length, 2 metre length dog lead, coming in many colours and 19 or 25mm widths. These leads as with all of my products can be customised to be made longer and with brass fittings.

We’ve tried head collars (halters) before, why do you recommend the Simple Leader Dog Head Collar?

All head collars and canine halters have their place and with a good 5 well known brands with other less popular head collars out there, there will always be ones favoured for differing reasons.

Our head collar, as stated above was designed to be fool proof when being put on, comfortable for the dog to wear, not just another gadget and it worked.

The Simple Leader comes as either padded or non padded. The padded version is fleece lined and very soft to wear. As with anything, if your dog simply does not like them, there are certain techniques you can use to encourage them to accept, but that is another blog for another day!

We are going camping, which dog lead should I buy?

The mighty Caravan Lead of course. The Caravan Lead is a medium length, adjustable, double ended tethering lead. Inspired by a customer who specifically suggested that this would be an awesome dog lead. All of our dog leads come with user safety guidelines, but I think any lead sold with the purpose of tethering should be taken more seriously.

Never tether a dog on a lead where they can jump over something and not reach the floor, they will hang. Simples.

I have arthritis in my hands, which dog lead should I buy?

Well, it just so happens we have an answer for that too. Most of our dog leads come with the option of a padded handed. Padded with a soft fleece, this feature makes holding these leads a dream.

The inner part of the handle on the lead is soft to the touch and makes holding the lead more enjoyable and soft even with jolts or pulling form your dog.

I want my dog to come running with me, which dog lead should I buy?

There are many dog walking belts on the market today but Meg Heath, true to form, have designed one that I think you will simply love. It is made to measure yet still adjustable. It has a strong curved side release buckle for attaching the belt around your waist. It has 2 carabiners for attaching dog leads to and 2 O rings also for attaching a dog lead, so there is no shortage of attachment points. The dog walking belt works best with leads that have an O ring on the handle, so our Dog Lead works well with this as they come with a ring on the handle as standard.

The dog walking belt also comes in 50mm padded for the more serious dog walker or Canicross runner.

I’ve heard you can buy dog leads with bungee attachments? Which dog lead should I buy?

Yes, you can, but we don’t sell them at this point! However I am looking in to it. In the mean time, have a look here for a selection of bungee dog leads.

People have asked me, why would you want a dog lead that is like a bungee, are they strong enough? Well the answer to that question is a guess it’s the same as any dog lead, it depends on how they are made. Have a look a the link provided here on bungee leads as there is a vast selection.

Can you buy dog leads and dog collars that are embroidered with warnings like ‘caution’, ‘no dogs’ & ‘friendly’ etc?

Yes! Yes you can! We don’t do these types of embroidered dog leads and collars, but I searched the internet for you and found this site that looks like it sells a whole range of warning collars and leads.

My dog is always chewing his dog lead, can you buy a chew-proof dog lead? Which dog lead should I buy?

Yes you can! We searched the internet and found this site overseas that sells what they claim to be chew proof dog leads and collars. We also found this during our research, a tough looking chew proof dog lead indeed that you can buy from the UK.

Cycling with my dog, is it possible and safe?  Which dog lead should I buy?

Well, I’ve never done this, but I can see from our research that there are many bike attachments that make it possible for you to attach your dog to your bicycle, while you peddle and pooch runs? I’m not sure I’d do this and I’m betting it isn’t suitable for all dogs, but now I’ve typed that I can see that statement is somewhat obvious. Just take care and make sure your dog is comfortable with the concept and be aware if they want to stop.

Here is one bike attachment for dogs we found but there are many dog bike attachments out there.

Stay tuned for our Dog Collar knowledge base coming soon.

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