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Making dog leads for a living

Making dog leads for a living – So just over 10 years on and I’ve hit a pretty major milestone in my self employed career. Ive been making dog leads for 10 years now and loved [mostly] every minute of it. My sewing machine had its first ever service last month (yes first ever), I finally figured out how to understand the stitching faults the machine was throwing up sometimes, thanks to Julian Kidd who came out to give her a little service and educate me in how to thread the darn thing up properly.

Unfortunately having spent £500 on a new WordPress website and being told nothing would change, Ive battled with a decline in sales. My partner and I sat here on a Saturday afternoon going through sales figures since 2009 and being a wiz with Excel, Seb did some figures and calculations for me which doesn’t look pretty, so onwards and upwards, Im doing my best to rebuild her and make Meg Heath Dog Leads better than Facebook business page – big mistake. You live and learn and if you don’t make your own mistakes you don’t learn do you, so again, onward.

Update: WOW, a bit of SEO work thanks to the Yoast plugin and LOTS (and I mean lots) of research in to marketing strategies and my sales have, shall we say, INCREASED. I am now on a mission and not wanting to share my secrets with my competitors I have my work cut out for next week. Ill give you a clue – Competitor Research! Thats all Im saying.

Anyway best go and make some dog leads. Have a look at my Design Protected Car Safety Boot Lead at

~ Sarah

August 2016 – Update, wow sales have rocketed with a bit of SEO. Now all my pages are rated green in Yoast.

September 2016 – Update, serious competitor research underway.

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