Stop-pull range

Meg Heath’s stop-pull range of products is innovative and well-made. With a range of harnesses, head collars and leads, your quest for a more enjoyable dog walk starts here.

Obviously ‘stop-pull’ is quite a bold statement and of course, not all dogs will stop pulling when they are wearing a product that claims it will stop your dog from pulling. Many factors are involved and so many variables, however, the feedback we have received about our products mean that you stand a fair chance with all things being equal, you could, in fact, enjoy your walks more with one of our super designs.

So which one should you choose? Here’s our advice:

Head Collars

At MHHQ, the head collar is the most effective for dogs that will accept wearing them. Its’ design is a copy of the horse halter, based on the principle where the head goes the body shall follow. Simple Leader Head CollarDesigned for large animals whose strength is far superior to humans’, something was needed to control them. Research suggests that the first halter and bridle was used on horses in 3,000 B.C.

The Simple Leader is the design protected creation of Sarah Gleave. She wanted a head collar that was:

  • simple to use
  • easy to put on (could not be put on upside down or inside out)
  • comfortable for the dog to wear
  • effective

Aware that the U.K. market was already saturated with designs and gadgets, she was confident that there was room for a dog halter that fitted the above criteria.

It doesn’t end there. With the head collar comes an element of risk. That risk is that if they did not fit tight enough, they were known to come off. So the Simple Leader Head Collar Safety Lead was created. Again, another design protected product as this type of lead is a first in not only in the U.K. but worldwide. There are small safety pieces for head collars, but nothing that was a full dog leash too.

The leash comprises two trigger hooks that fit your dog’s collar and the halter, that is approximately 1.25 metres in length with a handle and a ring; a nifty feature allowing you to put the lead over your shoulder while it is not on the dog.

Dog Harness

Another saturated area of the pet apparel trade, and again yes you’ve guessed it, we thought there was room for just one more. The Marty Harness, named after the martingal effect over the dogs’ shoulders, was originally sold as a walking harness, no claims were ever made Dog Harnessregarding its’ effectiveness as a stop-pull device for dogs.

Feedback trickled in and people were telling us what a great product this harness was. Customers loved the no lifting of legs feature, and the anti-escape design.*

Based on the running martingale design, a piece of tack used in horsemanship to control a horses head, this harness was created to make it easy to put on your dog without having to lift any of their legs. It was intended to be a safe harness, but as with all items of dog wear, they have to be fitted as per the recommendations of the designer to benefit from the intended effects and to not come unstuck through ill-fitting.

Dog Leads – The Police Dog Style Lead

This leash is the most popular as it is a multi-length, multi-function lead. Particularly useful for changing length and even more useful with its’ trigger hooks at each end.

The latter being ideal for using with 2 pieces of equipment. So, for example, a harness and collar, harness and head collar or even with the head collar and collar.

Recommended for flighty and dogs who need to be kept under control, who through no fault of their own are either dangerous when off lead or for whatever reason being off lead would lead to problems with either their own safety or others.


Hopefully, we have kept this simple, if you are unsure what to buy then please use the contact page. We will be more than happy to help you decide on the best-suited products for you, your dog and your individual situation.

*anti-escape claims are being fed back to us and can only be attributed to a properly fitted harness. Owners should be diligent at all times.