Dog Leads & Collars – The Production Process

I thought it would be great for you to see behind the scenes of the Meg Heath Dog Leads & Collars workroom. A bit of an insight into the process involved from receipt of order to posting your product.

The website was born almost 13 years ago using ShopFactory. Now I have moved with the times and use the popular WordPress and Woocommerce. The first design of the site was done by another designer, but it wasn’t long before I was doing all the design work myself.

My desk where I make it all happen

The backend of WooCommerce collects our orders. Here they are printed off and pinned up in the work area. Orders are placed in order of in-stock components and then orders that need materials ordering in. In-stock materials are ordered by thread colour with the blacks being done first, then the less popular colours last. Customers that request a fast make are pushed to the front, this rarely affects the delivery timing of other orders.

The making process

The machine I use is the same one I bought in 2006. It has had one upgrade to a more suitable servo motor (this means I can stitch slowly and more accurately).

Sewing Machine – the old workhorse
The stores

When the item is finished, it is packaged up and sent either by courier or royal mail. I use Lincolnshire County Couriers or Royal Mail, occasionally Hermes.

This year I celebrate 13 years in business. Thank you to all the customers who made this possible!

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