Martingale Dog Harness

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The Marty! A unique design walking harness for your dog. It has a martingale type action over the dogs shoulders. The main features of this dog walking harness are its’ simplicity, comfort, range of colours, easy to fit without lifting any legs so works well with old and arthritic dogs.

“A good quality, well fitted harness…something that is pretty hard to come by let me tell you! …super comfortable, lightweight, well made and easy to put on. What I especially love about it is that you don’t need to lift any legs to get it on and fasten it up. …Perfect for old or arthritic dogs, but also for reluctant walkers!”  – IG: @littleowl_ (blogger review)


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Product Description

Another great and unique design from Meg Heath Dog Leads. The Martingale Dog Harness or ‘The Marty’ has, as the name suggests, a martingale action over the dogs shoulders.

The harness comprises of an adjustable breast section, and adjustable girth section and a martingale effect over the dogs shoulders. Requires no legs to be lifted making this dog harness suitable for older or arthritic dogs.

We ask for the dogs girth size and breed so we can make sure you are buying the right size for your dog.

Easy to get on and no rubbing. Nice & secure with no escaping, making the walk a lot easier and safer than a collar – Fran – @whingewhingewine (blogger review).

Both breast and girth sections of the harness are fully adjustable, so you’ll have no problems getting it to fit. – IG: @littleowl_ (blogger review)

Girth Measurement Guide

martingale dog harness

Instructions: Pop a cloth tape measure in the area described above to get the girth measurement.

Another way to do this if you only have a straight or metal tape is to use a bit of string or even your dogs lead to get the girth measurement then measure it against the tape or ruler.


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