Simple Leader – Headcollar for Dogs – One Size Fits All


Simple Leader – Headcollar for Dogs – One Size Fits All

Yes, that’s right and to top it off we think this is probably one of the most affordable headcollars for dogs.

  • No need to measure
  • Affordable
  • LifeTime Stitching Guarantee
    • 0 £
    • £


The Simple Leader Headcollar for Dogs was made in 2017 and very well received by the pet owning public, however, we wanted to make a headcollar that broke down all the barriers of buying and subsequently prevented dog owners from enjoying walks with their dogs.

The Simple Leader – 1 size fits allno need to measure, you just pick your colour and you’re sorted.

Made from a soft cushion web fabric, 19mm – an optimum width for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no size chart, no need for a tape measure, click to buy and your life with your dog may well be transformed.

If you want a padded Simple Leader, just click here to buy a more customisable headcollar.

If you are looking for safety, our Head Collar Dog Safety Lead may be the answer.

With our LifeTime Stitching Guarantee, we are sure you will be a happy customer!


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