Head Collar & Lead Combo


Head Collar Lead Combo! This product features a fully adjustable head collar for your dog PLUS a lead that is adjustable too!


Product Description

Head Collar Lead Combo! Another great product release from Meg Heath. This Dog Head Collar and Dog Lead Combo is fully adjustable. Both the Head Collar AND Lead is adjustable so you can alter the length to suit you and your dogs size and height.


Made from 19mm (3/4 inch) material in this awesome green / black pattern, we think this Dog Head Collar will be a complete hit!

The Design

Ever wondered how to get your dog to walk nicely on the lead? A well made, ingenious design concept is key. I have walked many hundreds of dogs and used many head collars. The design of all my leads and collars is based on 30 years experience of owning dogs. You can be assured that the design and manufacture of all the products are made with experienced hands.

Design Rights. Head Collar and adjustable Lead Combo for Dogs. Design Number: 6023650 15 December 2017.


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