Carabiner Training Lead


The Ultimate Safety Training Lead. Carabiners load tested to 400-450kg, webbing strength tested to 375-450 kg. LifeTime Product Guarantee. My sanity – tested to the max! I have 100% faith in my products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • 19mm width
  • Wide variety of colours
  • LifeTime Guarantee

25mm Carabiners currently out of stock, but due in by 14th June.

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The Carabiner Training Lead is your ultimate safety and dog walking tool. This lead is the most versatile dog lead on the market today.

You can adjust the lead to 3 lengths, use with a harness and a headcollar or just a plain collar. For ultimate safety, our swivel carabiners are load tested (depending on whether 19 or 25mm) up to 450kg (means they break when 450 kg load is applied).

Carabiner Training Lead with rescue dogs

Extra effort is required to unclip these leads, so they come highly recommended as a safety tool when double leading a dog.

Double leading means attaching your lead to 2 pieces of equipment, for example, head collar and collar, harness and collar or head collar harness, the choice is yours.

This particular technique is used by dog owners, shelter workers and dog rescuers alike due to the specific safety concerns surrounding un-trained, flighty or dogs who spook easily.

How does double leading work?

Our Halti Training Leads work in exactly the same way, and this video demonstrates double leading with a multi-length training lead. You will see in this Company of Animals training video, the lead is being attached to one of their frontloading Halti Harnesses, but it can also be used as described above to attach to 2 different pieces of equipment.

Our particular favourite for training is the head collar and collar or harness or for safety a collar and harness.

Keeping your dog training equipment & leads safe

  1. Always check the stitching on your leads daily
  2. Keep trigger hooks and swivel carabiners supple by using either some 3-in-1 oil or WD40
  3. Never hang leads outdoors especially when they have been wet
  4. Never hang leads outdoors in the sun as webbing may fade
  5. Never misuse your equipment or use them for anything they were not intended for (such as tethering out – which is not safe nor advised anyway).


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