Carabiner Dog Lead

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Carabiner Dog Lead with your choice of coloured handles. A brand new design from Meg Heath Dog Leads.

This leash features a Swivel Carabiner with a loading weight of 500kg.

Length: 1.25 metres

Width: 19 or 25mm

Carabiner Colour: Black with laser engraved Meg Heath logo.

Swivel carabiner fits: 19 or 25mm leads

This lead has a unique Lifetime Guarantee*


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Carabiner Dog lead, not a new concept, but new to Meg Heath. The carabiners come with a 500kg rating and a Lifetime Guarantee* from us.

We’ve put a ring on the handle so you can throw the lead over your shoulder for those long wandering walks with your dog, you can be sure to get as much enjoyment and satisfaction out of using these leads as we do making them for you.

Rest assured, yet again true to form, you are getting only the best from Meg Heath with no less quality because the leashes are handmade, in fact, we can guarantee that all of our dog leads are probably the best quality dog leads that you can buy in the UK.

You will see a slow introduction of the carabiner to our range with the Car Boot Lead being the next product to be launched with this feature. We think that this option will fit a wider range of vehicles and thus benefit a wider customer base.

What is a Carabiner lead?

A carabiner lead is a standard lead with a carabiner instead of a trigger hook. A carabiner is a coupling link first used by climbers. Today one can buy carabiners suitable for keyrings only or more substantial ones with strength ratings.

Our carabiners are especially safe as they are swivel carabiners. They have a gate that you swivel and press and are popular with dog owners wishing to purchase a safer dog lead.

We have standard leads and car leads, but also any one of our leads can be custom made to have a carab fitted.

Works with…

This lead works great with our Simple Leader Head Collar and Marty Harness.

Club or Team colours

Have you considered having carabiner dog leads made for your agility club, your flyball club or even in your rescue organisations colours? Colour branding is something we love and with a Meg Heath dog lead, you’ll be sure you stand out in the crowd.


Options & Spec

Lead Length: 1.25 metres

Lead Width: 19 or 25mm

Carabiner Weight Loading: 500 kg

Carabiner Colour: Black with laser engraved Meg Heath logo.

Lead Colours: As listed in product options

Swivel carabiner fits: 19 or 25mm leads

The Carabiner used on our leads


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