Puppy Range

Look at our new range for puppies to suit all breed sizes starting at 10 inches. Our collars are great quality, all handmade in the UK, to your specifications. Just select the options and hey presto, just the collar you needed.


Notes on fitting a collar to your puppy – wriggly little mites they are so please fit your collars tight enough. The only way to check if the collar is fitted properly is to do it up, not too tight, then carefully try to pull it over your puppies head. If you can pull it over his ears then do it up a little tighter.

Travelling in the car!

Boot Lead – Keeps your wriggly dog safe in one place in the car while you open doors or the boot.

Leads – What better could you want for your puppy than a matching lead?

Training Lead – being an ex-dog trainer, I can’t recommend highly enough the dog training leads that we sell here in our store. You can’t be without a line that safely attaches you to your puppy and you train him to come back when called at the same time.

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Showing all 2 results