Dog Training Lead

The Dog Training Lead is our most popular dog lead. Suitable for a whole manner of uses and all sizes of dogs. Our dog training lead is made from cushion web which is soft, strong and durable. I have been making these dog training leads for myself for over 11 years and can vouch for their durability. A choice of either brass or nickel fittings is available and small trigger hooks also for smaller dogs and puppies where required.


  • Teach your dog to come back when called
  • General exercise
  • Aggression control
  • Beach exercise
  • Socialisation control

“I have had the opportunity to use one of these long training leads for over a week now. Simply put what a joy to use. Comfortable to hold, strong, dries out quickly when wet and easy to untangle. And to add to that made in England”. – B Hall July 2016

The Concept

The concept behind this is what most people get wrong. Your puppy or adult dog is not born knowing what a recall is, so you need to teach the behaviour first and THREN the command? In my method, you are teaching (managing) the recall without using a command yet, this is why you need a long training line. The dog training lead stops your dog from running off and is an essential tool for teaching your dog to come back to you.


  • Manage your dogs’ motivation. Is it food, praise, toy etc? Let your dog decide what they find the most rewarding.
  • When your dogs’ returns to you are frequent and pretty much guaranteed, you can start to introduce a command.
  • Start with no distractions and increase only as your dog learns at each stage.
  • *REMEMBER* NEVER allow a dog to run next to dangerous areas such as train lines, busy roads or dangerous water.
 NEVER underestimate your dog’s ability to run off in hot pursuit of something nicer than you or your reward.

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