Dog Safety Leads

Dog Safety Leads – We now make a range of products whose design inspiration was the safety of our dogs.

The Car Boot Dog Safety Lead

Car Boot Lead is our number 1 of our dog safety leads for safe car travel. Have you ever struggled to open the boot of your car? Battled with preventing your dog from jumping out? Well, the car boot lead prevents this. Its’ design means that you can safely attach your dog either by its’ collar or a harness to either a boot floor anchor point or the headrest. Open your boot safely knowing your dog will not jump out.*

Such a brilliant product and really well thought out. It anchors perfectly in the back of the boot, and I’ve adjusted it so my dog is comfortable but secure. Don’t know how we managed without it!

car boot lead
Nala modelling the Car Boot Lead.

The House Line

A 2-metre dog lead with no handle. Its use is primarily for wearing around the house and encourages safe interaction with dogs in training. For example, you may need to move a volatile dog from say the sofa or a bed or away from an area of danger. Popular for dog trainers as an affordable dog lead to sell in bulk or use in training classes.

I use a lot of these lines, they are very well made and an invaluable training tool for both inside and outside the house.

Regans Dog Training

House Lead
The House Line or the Training Lead has no handle so does not get caught

The Dog Head Collar Safety Lead

Designed after I created the Simple Leader Head Collar. Similar to the safety loop sold with some other brands of head collars. This dog safety lead is unique (IPO design protected). It is a safety catch and dog lead all-in-one. It comes as a matching lead to the Simple Leader Head Collar.

Purchased this along with the head leader as recommended as I was worried about the possibility of my mums dog backing out of the head leader, which might I add is a risk with a lot of head collars.
This compliments the head leader well and gives my mum confidence and the security that if he backs out then he is still safe and under her control.
A great addition to the range.
Good quality and very speedy service, ordered on the Monday and ready on the Wednesday, what more can you ask for.

Donna A

Head Collar Safety Lead
For when safety on the lead is paramount, the Dog Head Collar Safety Lead can be made in bespoke lengths.

The Kennel Evacuation Lead (the KEL)

A true dog safety lead, made in the aftermath of the Manchester Dogs’ Home Fire. Not for profit but for donating to dog rescue charities and organisations to use in the same manner as a fire extinguisher. The kennel evacuation lead is stowed away in a prominent place and used in the unlikely event of emergency evacuation. Tethering a dog to virtually any fence/tree etc can be made possible with this lead.

Kennel Evacuation Lead

*Must be fitted correctly and not chewed. See our T&C’s.

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