Special Occasion

Special Occasion Dog Collars – With the onset of 2018, the new year brings new designs to Meg Heath. We have a new range of special occasion dog collars that we hope you will just adore.

The designs in this category have been planned for a long time and now they have finally made it to our store.

Wedding Collars

These collars have been designed for those special occasions like your Wedding day. Similarly, dog shows and Sunday jollies out to lunch with your dog in the countryside.

These dog collars are not your run of the mill collar, they have been made with passion. They have been assembled and stitched by hand to create a finished product that just oozes the love we feel for our dogs.

The collars feature pretty grosgrain ribbons, individually selected to be just that little bit different. Also we are making collars for specific breeds and occasions that we have never done before.

If there is something you would like making that is simply an idea in your head, we will help you make that design a reality by creating a bespoke collar fo you.

I hope you enjoy this product as much as I have enjoyed designing and creating them.

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