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Sponsorship of shows and competitions is something we do fairly regularly. We like it to be beneficial for all parties, so please read below:

We ask that you agree to before we despatch any items, the following:

  1. A permanent link on your web site. This link must be renewed if for example you have a new website or the content is deleted for whatever reason. We ask that this is done before we despatch items.
  2. Social media tagging, sharing and linking. Be generous, not just one. The more you share us, the more we will favour you.
  3. Facebook Competitions – At least one share, one mention on the competition post and shares from your team / admin. When you see our posts – share them, takes a second.
  4. Twitter – At least one tweet, but regular tweets do not go unnoticed and random products and cash donations are sometimes sent. Again, if you see a tweet by us, retweet it.
  5. Any items sent, may not be exactly as seen on the website as we use redundant stock, the quality of these items is however, the same high standard. Sometimes choice is limited.
  6. Winners of competitions – we expect that the recipients of prizes also share us.
  7. If you can agree to these terms, please fill out the form below and we will deal with your request asap but will nonetheless be within 30 days.


We agree to abide by the rules set out herein.

We love to hear your comments, please add a few words below.