About Meg Heath Dog Leads & Collars

Our customers come to us to solve a dog walking or dog training dilemma – our Dog Training Leads are reason Meg Heath Dog Leads was born 11 years ago. We also like to treat our customers to some of our more bespoke items… oh no wait, they all are! Add a touch of luxury to our leads and collars by choosing brass fittings, or why not chose a fancy colour like cerise or electric blue? We now have 18 colours to chose from , if you have a colour in mind and you cannot see it listed then please ask me.

We are a rural business in Lincolnshire and have been making dog leads for nearly 11 years. My experience with dogs goes back to 1986 and with rescue, dog training and dog boarding kennels experience you can be sure that your dogs’ lead, collar, head collar or harness is being made with experienced hands.

Nothing is pre made, even the popular long lines, because you have a choice of length, colour and fittings. People sometimes like to ring me to describe what they would like making and ask for advice on the best product for their dog. So if you have found it difficult to get the right lead, collar or head collar for your dog, why not try Meg Heath Bespoke Dog Leads & Collars? We have a 5 year guarantee on most of our products and a stitching guarantee that is for LIFE.My background

I moved from Leicestershire 15 years ago, in fact this year (Jan 22nd 2017) is my 15th year here. I have no idea how and why I had the balls to move to Lincoln alone, but the choice of Lincoln was beacuse I could not afford to buy in Leicestershire. I found the property I am in now but it was under offer, so I sent a hand written note to the then owners asking if the sale fell through, would they contact me, this they did and I was in the house in 3 months – January 22nd 2002.

The house was nice but need a bit doing like new windows, carpets, living room floor, the main work was in the kennels. The kennel block roof, the floors needed tiling, all that sort of thing, it was quite a mess and no where near ready for a boarding licence. In 6 years on a part time wage as a dog fouling enforcement officer, I managed to get my first boarding kennel licence. The business was then built up from scratch to what I have today – a successful business.

During the time from moving in 2002 and July 2008 I continued my rescue work that I started in August 1998. I had a passion and still do for the English Springer Spaniel and rescued over 150 of the little buggers. In July 2008 when I closed the centre I had 26 dogs to vaccinate, how the hell I paid for that I’ll never know. Any way they needed vaccinating to comply with the boarding license.

July 2006 was when I started Meg Heath Dog Leads. I went to Heckington Show and was inspired by a stall and thought I can do this but I can do it better. I bought a Yamata industrial sewing machine off Ebay for about £300 and laughed my way through the set up instructions that were translated by a Japanese person from Japanese to English!

Anyway, that has paid for itself over and over, it is still going strong and I dont need a new one (famous last words). I bought a copy of Shopfactory software and upgraded it over the years, but in November 2015 I decided I wanted to spruce the site up so went for WordPress, thats been a learning curve and I am now a novice seo and marketing geek.

I turned down a place at Demontfort University Leicester to study Design Media but moved to Lincoln instead. To this day I am still a secret geek with all things to do with websites, completely self taught but enjoy it a lot.

To date I am settled with and engaged to Seb who owns www.ghouletech.co.uk who is a full on geek. Because of this I am even geekier and since being introduced to Macs I am now an Aple Macintosh snob. You can read about our kit at www.ghouletech.co.uk on Sebs blogs. I would never go back to Windows although we were both tempted by the Surface Pro… [Update Seb has bought a Surface!!]

Im my spare time… WHAT spare time? OK when I can, I run on my treadmill. Im not so active at the mo due to a knee injury but at 48 you gotta try. I used to be a gym bunny having qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer but I recently sold all my kit and now Im just left with the old gerbil wheel. I don’t really do much as a hobby because all my time is taken with working and my own dogs but I am partial to a lattè or a cappuccino in Costa on my days off.

Finally, I intend one day for the dog leads to be my only income as I obviously cant run the kennels forever, but for now I run Meg Heath Dog Leads and Meg Heath Kennels. Wondering what ‘Meg Heath’ is? Well Meg is short for Metheringham, seemed only fair to call a business where you are.

~ Sarah

Some of our customer testimonials

“Top workmanship…” Mark F

“Far superior to what we have purchased from shops previously and represents excellent value for money…” B Henderson

“Great quality and the material they are made from prevents them tangling up…” Tara O Connell