About Sarah Gleave & Meg Heath Dog Leads

I started Meg Heath Dog Leads in 2006. I visited Heckington Show in July of that year and by chance saw a stall selling dog leads. I was attracted by this, being a dog trainer at the time, as I was using long training leads for my recall work with the dogs.

So I decided to start a business making and selling dog leads. It wasn’t long before I’d designed the Car Boot Lead in 2009, with a full range of leads and collars too.

Industrial Sewing Machine

I bought my own industrial sewing machine. It is still the same one I use today with some modifications to make it the amazing workhorse it is. You could say it is a trade secret which machine I use as it does such an amazing job.

Shop Software

I first used Shopfactory which is great software but it had a few flaws. Sometimes I would go for days without taking orders, 1 ) because I was only running the business part time and 2 ) in the early days I was not busy every day.

In 2015 I had my online store redesigned. I was lucky in as much as it only cost me a few hundred quid as I knew the designer, it also leads me to my second business of designing websites that I started in November 2017.


I now use the popular WordPress platform. Unless you know how to find out, ill keep the design secrets under my hat. I now run a successful full-time business making dog leads and collars for a living with several design rights on my creations.

More about me

I love a good cappuccino, I have 8 dogs and still run Meg Heath Kennels. I love working on websites, which is now a career as well as looking after this store and several other websites too.