Head Collar Safety Lead

Head Collar Safety Lead

The Head Collar Safety Lead for my Simple Leader was a no-brainer design. Nothing like it had been invented yet, so design protection was sought straight away. It is essentially a safety lead designed to be clipped to a head collar and collar or I have known people to use them on a collar and harness or head collar and harness (although the latter will need to be custom made).

Unique Design

Its’ purpose is this – if your dogs’ halter breaks or comes off, you are still attached to the dog collar and vice versa. Simple but brilliant and the same principle as either double leading a dog (2 dog leads) or using a Police Dog Style Dog Lead which has a trigger hook at each end so you attach it to your 2 products, head collar – dogs’ collar, head collar – harness, harness – dog collar and so on.

The Head Collar Safety Lead itself has an O ring on the handle so you can put it over your shoulder, round and attach it to itself and its’ standard length is 1.25 metres. Comes in a range of colours and 2 widths 19 and 25mm.

Many of our dog leads now come with the option to have a padded handle. A fleece-lined handle popular on dog harnesses now is a nice customisation for any lead as it makes them soft to hold. Just a bit of comfort for your dogs walking.

Buy a Head Collar Safety Lead

Prices for the Head Collar Safety Lead start at £12 and you can buy one here. Even as a new product, this dog safety lead is getting some really good reviews and feedback. As with all our products, there is a lifetime stitching default guarantee.