Head Collar for Dogs – The Simple Leader

With a pet market already saturated with devices and gadgets for dogs, was there really any room for yet another head collar for dogs?

Inventor Sarah Gleave says yes.

Simple Leader - Padded Head Collar
Simple Leader – Head Collar for Dogs

I had already made my Zed Collar, but I wanted to improve it. I wanted a more simple to use halter for dogs, a head collar that could not be put on upside down or inside out and one that would stay on the dog when fitted correctly of course (tight enough).  Above all it (obviously) had to work and not be yet another gadget or (waste of ) money.

Part of the inspiration for this was seeing customers being brought in by their dogs, yes BY their dogs in to my kennels. Being an ex dog trainer this really irritated me. I know that your average dog owner and more so with the popularity of designer breeds, so many dogs were going untrained and lets be fair, the technique to crack pulling on the lead isn’t easy to master.

Enter the Simple Leader Head Collar for Dogs. Click here to buy a Simple Leader Head Collar for Dogs.

A relatively simple figure of 8 design, nothing new there, but having searched current patents and protected designs, the one nearest to me hadn’t had its patent renewed, but it wasn’t the same design anyway, just close.

My head collar has a fixed O ring under the chin which is important as this is the most effective place for you to lead from, it is adjustable, but comes in 3 sizes, it has a full range of 18 colours, which NO other head collar has, it can be upgraded to be fully padded which is nice because it is soft over your dogs face so they wear it more willingly and you can chose a solid brass harness ring instead of a nickel O ring for your trigger hook to attach to.

Give us a try. The head collar is made by me in the UK, it has a lifetime guarantee for stitching defaults and above all is getting rave reviews.

Call me to chat about you and your dogs requirements on 01522 810150 or email sarah@megheathdogleads.co.uk