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Dogs List – Guest Post

The Dogs List - Products and Services Directory

The Dogs List – Our Guest Post this month.

Thank you to Alison of The Dogs List for helping us with a guest post. Please be sure to visit The Dogs List website, we here at Meg Heath know just how much work goes in to running websites (or multiple websites)

So what started off The Dogs List directory? Well it began 4 years ago when we embarked on our maiden journey to become a dog parent. Following extensive research we decided that the best breed to suit our fairly placid lifestyle would be a golden retriever. That might be the case when they’re all grown up but we started out with a VERY lively puppy that forced us into a world of puppy classes, socialisation, doggy food and accessories. This baptism of fire is what inspired us to set up The Dogs List directory to group all things dog related together in one place and to share information and products that you just can’t find at the supermarket.

A Free Service to Dog Related Businesses

The Dogs List is a FREE directory for dog businesses to advertise their products and services with website and contact links.  Anyone can also use the hashtag #TheDogsListOffers which pulls all offers into one handy place on social media for potential customers, and whenever possible we share dog related laughs and jokes to brighten up your day.

Some final advice about goldens. We’d read that they shed a lot of hair but thought, how bad can it be? Several grooming brushes and vacuums later, we now know! Also, if you want to live life as a loner, buy a goldfish. Retrievers will drag you over the road to say hello to a perfect stranger and ad hoc workmen who will freely give up their sandwiches.  Oh did I not mention begging!

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Guest Post – Essential Guide To Travelling With Your Dog

Our Guest Post this month is Essential Guide To Travelling With Your Dog. I don’t get the opportunity to travel much with my 9 dogs but when I decide to go somewhere with 1, 2 or 3 or them, usually to Scotland or the Lakes, I like to be well prepared, heck Ive even got a special travel bag for going to the vets, mainly because it’s a bit of a novelty for me to actually for out!

My short journey pack consists of water, bowl, poop bags, lead, collar, harness, Car Boot Lead, towel (maybe x 2), vet bed, blanket or throw, a crate if needed (usually the Car Boot Lead – 1 per dog and maybe a spare) and my sanity usually intact at the beginning!

This month thanks to Jay Williams, we have a fantastic infographic that show in one handy image, a comprehensive list of things you can consider when travelling with your dog.

Please feel free to leave comments!

Enjoy the read, we did.

Essential Guide To Travelling With Your Dog
Essential Guide To Travelling With Your Dog by De Vere Hotels.
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Guest Post featured article – PupHow!

We were approached to place a link on our website from

The article we’ve been asked to post is

Please have a look around their site and support them.

Good luck Anna with your website.

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