Car Boot Lead

Car Lead For Dogs

What is the Car Lead for Dogs?

A Strong British hand made Car Lead for your dog. The Car Boot Safety Dog Lead is a short, adjustable, double ended lead designed specifically for car travel for dogs. Its’ design is protected by the IPO as a unique design in the UK market place. Buy one here…

I have been making the Car Lead for Dogs since 2009 but only recently got its’ design protected with the Intellectual Property Office. Its’ creation came from –

  • Seeing people struggle to open car boots and doors with dogs anxious to get outCar Boot Safety Lead for dogs
  • Reading reports of dogs jumping out of cars and running off
  • and finally, I read of a dog that got killed because it got out of a car and ran in front of a vehicle


What does the lead consist of? – The lead is a short double ended adjustable lead that attaches to either a boot floor anchor or to a head restraint, our leads are not designed as Isofix car leads or seat belt car leads.

Why is the Meg Heath Car Boot lead better? – Our lead is British made by ME (in my little office in Lincolnshire). I stitch it on an industrial machine with ‘Tkt 40′ thickness thread which is immensely strong. I don’t use a sewing machine meant for home / hobby users, this is the real deal and the thread is not easy to break. As a back up, I provide a Lifetime Guarantee against any stitching default, so in the unlikely event that your car lead breaks, I will replace it free of charge.

Upgrades – We provide a wide range of colours for our leads they are not just black. They are sometimes on sale which means colours are limited for a short while but you can still ask for a different colour.