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Sarah Gleave Designs Kennel Evacuation Lead

Kennel Evacuation Lead

Sarah Gleave Designs New Kennel Evacuation Lead in Response to the Manchester Dogs’ Home Fire.

Ishbel Johnson of Abbey Saddlery writes a short feature about the reasons Sarah has taken on this project and what makes this safety lead different from other leads.

2nd October 2014

The Kennel Evacuation Lead is design protected with the IPO protecting us against potential copying.

Abbey Saddlery donates an initial supply of webbing to aid project.

In 2014, The Manchester Dogs’ Home suffered a tragic fire. This heart-breaking incident took the life of 60 dogs and left many injured. The unfortunate incident witnessed a nation of pet owners coming together and offering aid through the means of financial donations and temporary homes. This phenomenal response has raised £1,456,809.24 for the Just giving Campaign organised By Manchester Evening News.

Sarah Gleave is a Kennel owner from Lincolnshire and like many others, she was shaken by the dreadful news of The Manchester Dogs’ Home incident. In response to this, Sarah has designed a safety lead to help assist evacuation of a kennel block with the intention of donating some leads to a number of dogs’ homes. This project has relied upon the donations from suppliers and sponsors so Sarah approached Abbey England asking for a webbing donation. This has been a great cause from the start and Abbey were happy to oblige.

What is your occupation?

Boarding Kennel Owner, Owner Meg Heath Dog Leads and DevDogz Web Design.

Please tell us about your project? 

The Meg Heath ‘Kennel Evacuation Lead’ was designed in the aftermath of the Manchester Dogs’ Home fire in September 2014. It followed a re-evaluation of my own fire evacuation plan that is a condition for Boarding Kennels in the UK and decided that my existing plan, albeit suitable, could be improved by designing a simple dog lead. I have however drawn up some guidelines for its safe & responsible use.

The kennel evacuation lead has been produced to be given free of charge to be used in Kennel based dog rescue centres in the UK as a means of safe evacuation and supervised tethering in the event of a fire. The materials are covered by Meg Heath and social shares and links on websites are requested in return.

We limit 10 leads to rescues and ask that any amounts above that be sponsored by your supporters.

Why have you taken on the project? 

To provide a dog lead that rescue centres can use in the event of an emergency to safely evacuate dogs from a kennel block.

What materials have you used? 

Webbing and trigger hooks.

How many leads are you making? 

As many as time and sponsorship dictates.

Who are you donating the leads to? 

3 kennel based dog charities in Lincolnshire to start with, then moving further afield.