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Sales & Competitions Spring 2019

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Welcome to our current competition (March 2019). To enter please scroll down leaving your comment, which will be a reply to:

“My dog and I would love this lead because …?”

Bells & Whistles Dog Lead Competition
A multi-function lead with qualities from most of our dog leads

What is this dog lead, why and what are its’ qualities?

So, its the end of the month, everyone is waiting for pay-day, what better time to get the old engagement working on social media than to give something amazing away in a competition?

So, the old cogs started working and an idea came in to my head. “Why don’t I make a lead that does everything?” This lead has the following features:

  • 1.7 metres (or thereabouts) long
  • Padded handle – everyone loves the padded handle!
  • Ring on the handle so you can carry the dog lead over your shoulder
  • A poop bag ring
  • 2 trigger hooks (also known as clips or clasps) at the dog end …
  • … making a safety lead feature
  • Navy with grey fleece – a great colour combo
  • A ring off-set centre like the Dog Training Lead – (Police Dog Style)

So this dog lead encompasses the features of:

Terms and Conditions may be found here.

Good Luck everyone & don’t forget to share this page …

14 thoughts on “Sales & Competitions Spring 2019

  1. My dog (Mabel) and I would love this lead because she hasn’t fully grasped recall, also she is wriggly and can get out of things like headcollars so a safety lead would be great. We are adopting dog number 4 hopefully soon and he might need extra security to begin with. Also this lead could work with short extensions as a double lead.

  2. My dog and I would love this for safety as well as the ability to be made shorter which is great for training on the go! The padded handle would help me with my sensitive hands, too 🙂 a good all-rounder!

  3. My dog and I would love this lead because J is an escapologist and two clips can only be better than one!

    1. Hi Susan, you are the chosen one! Please contact me on or call 01522 810150 with your address please. Well Done!!!

  4. My dog and I would love this lead because She loves her walks and I need a nice sturdy lead as she pulls and it’s hard to take control of her sometimes.

  5. My dog is an assistance dog in training so her comfort and safety comes first. This lead looks comfortable and allows her the length to do her jobs but also makes sure she is safe when wearing a headcollar and be comfortable for me too

  6. My Dog and I would love this lead because it serves so many purposes, making the many walks together using it flow easily and effectively

  7. as a 12 week pup Otis is having a good go at eating through his new Megs police training lead and although mum thinks he won’t make it, its ‘always best to have a spare especially when in the same colours as his raincoat.

  8. My dog would love this to carry all of his poop bags, so he doesn’t have to! Also, because it looks amazing.

  9. My dog and I would love this lead because it’s so versatile and would be great for attaching to both her collar and harness for safety.


    1. My dog would love this lead as she’s just had an operation and is restricted to lead walk but this would give her a bit more length to roam xx

    2. My dog and I would love this lead because she loves to roll when on walks and an extra clip would be perfect, also it appears to be able to be made shorter when needed.

    3. Ive recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I dont look forward to my insulin injection and my mummy doesnt either, but we have a lovely fun walk afterwards. I’d be excited to have such a trendy new lead to show off!

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