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Reflective Wear for Dogs – be seen be safe

Reflective wear for dogs, most people haven’t even thought of it but it is essential that you consider the safety of both you and your dog now the nights are starting to draw in. So what types of products can you buy to make you and your dog safe while out walking and what other safety measures can you take in the absence of any special reflective products.

Top suggestions

OK so here are my top suggestions for safe autumn and winter walkies!

  • A reflective dog collar – there are 2 types, reflective and flashing. You can save these for dog walks only and put them on as you prepare for your walk.
    Flashing Dog Collars | Be seen Be safe
    Flashing Dog Collars | Be seen Be safe

    The flashing type have a battery so probably best to use these just when you are actually walking the dog, they require a new battery when it dies and there is a chew risk that must be avoided, so keep collars stored out of doggies reach when not in use. The reflective type is literally just reflective material and show when the light is reflected from them but also reflect when the light is dull with no obvious light sources to reflect from as opposed to flashing all the time with the flashing type. I like both of these, and all good pet stores sell them. Do take care though as they are not made to be chewed or eaten.

  • Reflective dog leads and dog harnesses are also a good buy and as well as a collar or instead of can only be a good buy. Again these will be for walks only and should be stored out of harm’s way when not in use.
  • Flashing collar lights. These are great little products that can hang from the dog collar but due to the nature of the product they need a battery so as with the flashing collars, it is probably best to have spare batteries, so be organised and order extra.
  • Reflective dog vest. I think these are awesome. They are just light vests as opposed to coats.
  • Reflective dog coats. A more substantial coat with reflective qualities.

Safety for you the owner/dog walker – apart from the obvious hi-viz vest or flashing bands, here are a few examples of how to stay safe when walking your dog now the nights are drawing in –

High visibility dog vest - be safe walking your dog
High visibility dog vest – be safe walking your dog
  • Take a mobile phone with you making sure it is charDon’tenough
  • Dont bury your head in your phone while walking, stay alert
  • Tell someone where you are going and how long you intend to be or take someone with you
  • Arrange to meet with someone else to walk with
  • Walk in areas that you are unlikely to be alone
  • Remember that dogs are stolen by people who think they can just take them while you are walking them
  • Do not allow the young or vulnerable to walk in secluded areas for example alley ways that are unlit
  • Walk earlier in the evening. Easy while the nights are still light until 8pm but difficult while you are working and cannot get out for walkies until after dark
  • Walk around the streets instead of your usual walk through fields etc
  • Buy a rape alarm. These are relatively inexpensive. Test their use so you know how to work them. The best ones give out a high pitched nooice, an ultra
    rape alarm | walk safely with your dog this winter
    Rape alarm | walk safely with your dog this winter

    violet spray and a foul smell. But like I say test it first so you know how it works. The type linked here is one I have personally bought for staff in the past and for myself.

Thats about it really, as I think of more handy tips, Ill add them, but please stay safe while walking your dog and avoid dog theft too by following these tips. Do you own research too and STAY SAFE

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