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Puppy Training Leads and Collars

Puppy Training puppies

With the increase of puppy farms, designer breed puppies and the general saturation of puppy and dog rehoming, the demand for puppy training and good dog leashes and dog leads for puppies is on the increase. There is an abundance of products out there on eBay and Amazon with most of the products these days being shipped from abroad mainly China. There is no shortage of online stores and more so now these days as people jump on the  bandwagon to dip in to the market of selling puppy leashes and puppy collars along with leads for older dogs and dog collars too along with some very pretty designer collars out there made from some very talented dog leash and dog collar designers. However the likes of myself who have been around for a while selling mainly leashes and dog collars, we have a lot of competition and the fight for a sale is getting harder as online shops pop up everywhere to compete for that top spot on Google.

11 years

Meg Heath has been around for 11 years this July 2017 and the brains behind my pet leashes and pet collars is more than just making them, we make dog leashes and dog collars with just a little bit more know-how and experience having lived with dogs for 31 years and worked with them since 1996.

In the main you will see me making dog training leashes, the extra long type used for puppy training and training older dogs to come back when called. People are crying out for dog leads and dog collars that last a bit longer than the cheap stuff you see in the big online stores we are all familiar with.

This year I have added or intend to add a wider range of products to include some new inventions that have or will be Design Protected. Some of our new products include leashes for dog groomers, a better and design protected head collar for dogs, the ever popular Car Boot Lead that I have been making since 2009, that is now in its MK11 stage. I have a dog head collar safety lead that is a godsend for people with flighty dogs or just that added extra bit of security and peace of mind. 2 harnesses have been made too, the K9 Body Collar – a stop-pull harness that is incredibly unique and actually works. In February I designed the martingale harness that is a cracker too.

So if you are considering pet and dog leashes and designer collars, you can look no further. Our turn around time is pretty fast for bespoke dog and pet products as long as the components are in stock – which they pretty much usually are. They are a great price, have an incredible guarantee, are made of durable and long lasting materials to rival any of the online giants and to be fair, some of the micro-stores online these days that may only trade on Facebook.

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