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Pets At Home withdraws rabbit sales over Easter 2017

The Independent along with lots of other bloggers and reporters are catching on to the publicity Pets At Home giant are drumming up over their announcement to withdraw sales of rabbits over easter 2017.

Pets at Home has pledged to stop selling customers rabbits from Good Friday and will continue to easter Monday. The firm will also run free rabbit workshops over the holidays to raise awareness of how to care for the mammals.

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A Positive Move

This is an incredibly positive move for the pet accessories giant who has grown to dominate the pet market in recent years, but Meg Heath Dog Leads owner says does this go far enough?

“I think this is purely a publicity stunt by Pets At Home. It is just another ploy to profit from animals. Yes, money makes the world go round but come on Pets At Home, let’s see pet sales banished altogether from stores. It’s morally wrong to sell animals to make money no matter how ‘responsible’ you think you are. There is no shortage of pets in the UK. Animal rescues centres are saturated with dogs with not enough homes to go around. With the popularity of the so-called designer breed aka the mongrel or crossbreed dog, there are even fewer homes out there to offer dogs who need a second chance a home.”

I was having a conversation with someone the other week who was a self-professed ‘responsible breeder’. She said and I quote –

“I don’t force people to buy my puppies.”

I had to sigh and try to end the conversation. The so-called responsible breeder claims this title as justification to breed more dogs.

I wasn’t aware we had a shortage of pets in Britain today!

Being an advocate for Adopt Don’t Shop, here is a list of useful resources if you truly DO want a rabbit. Please consider getting your bunny from a rescue centre where they deserve a second chance.

Does this move go far enough to protect animals?

Please consider rescuing an animal rather than buying from breeders or shops.

Credits: Independent Newspaper

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