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News from Meg Heath HQ

Sewing machine for dog collars

New Head Collar Launch for late March 2019

A while back, I designed a figure of 8 head collar that was a head collar – lead combo. It never really took off, but then I didnt really market it.

Sometime early in March, I kid you not, I dreamt up a design that was similar to the head collar – lead combo, but had some unique features. I set about sketching it and made the first one. When I made it up, it needed some alterations.

When I did my field tests with the new head collar, I realised that it needed yet more alterations. Now I think Im happy with the design. It ticks all the boxes for what I wanted to achieve and the elements are all slotting in to place now.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable – neoprene noseband
  • Unique pretty webbing – you won’t see another one like it!
  • Easy & quick to make – I needed to keep the price down, so the making time was important
  • Features a safety clip – no head collar is complete without a safety clip
  • No need to measure – easier to order
  • Used as F8 or clip under chin – can be used in 2 different ways
  • 2 colours (they are ace) – with more coming
  • Now a headcollar lead combo – features an integrated dog lead
  • Simpler adjuster – no problems with fitting
  •  Fewer components – easier to make and cheaper to produce
  • 3 sizes S M and L – a small one wouldn’t fit a large dog even though they are highly adjustable

Stay tuned for the IPO updates and release.

March 2019

Oh. My. Lord! What a month. Last year, in fact pretty much exactly a year ago, I told myself (and made it my mission) that I wanted to reach a certain £gross per month. Ok, so February 2019 was unprecedented with a sale that was gonna be a hard one to beat, but hey I got there and with a certain sense of satisfaction, I now knew that it was possible.

We made it to Lincoln Uphill & Bailgate on March 6th 2019 and it was a great day for taking photographs. The sun wasn’t out, but it was dry and there weren’t many people about. We saw a few dogs that Top wanted to say hello to and one that he made jump!

I was pleased to showcase my popular product lines including the Figure of Eight headcollar and lead in one, in a new colour that I’ve never stocked – grey, it turned out to be a fabulous silver colour which I personally liked after a customer ordered it.

We also photographed the popular half check dog collar also in the silver-grey which I think looked great.

Top showed off the Dog Training Lead (multi-length Police Dog Style lead) in royal blue and black, the Double Up Lead, the Car Boot Lead with optional handle, the dog collar with a new style black with all brass hybrid.

We loitered around cafes and steps, cathedral backdrops and cobbled streets, it was great to get out and about doing something a bit different. Elora from Life Lived Photography found the Bailgate Deli on Gordon Road where we stopped for a cappuccino and a bite to eat. I was happy because I’d found somewhere vegan where I could browse through the shelves for something that took my fancy. I ended up buying some vegan cheese and some tempeh.

When we finished here, I wanted to photograph one product from a new line of items I was proposing to stock and which was the dog walking and treat bag. Stay tuned for information on this and the other products.

Dilemma for 2019

So for the year 2019, I was wondering how I could sustain this success? The week after the Fiver Sale I had a stack of almost 30 orders, how I ever got through them by Wednesday lunch I will never know.

I did get through it though and I now know what level of busy I can handle. I still wonder how many more orders I can handle before I get too stressed, to be fair, I can’t switch off at the best of times, I’m writing this blog at 20:39, so no doubt this is what I’ll go to sleep thinking of!

Lincoln Bail Gate

Lincoln Bailgate
View up Steep Hill

Lincoln Bail Gate is a beautiful area of Lincoln, soaked in history and the location of Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and Steep Hill no less. There are many cafes and hotels, one or two I may have frequented – in fact, myself and Sebastian got our engagement rings in the jewellers up here and officially got engaged in Cafe Zoot.

I will be donning my best country girl outfit, brushing my hair, clean pants and putting some war paint on, the latter I rarely do! A brush for t’dog and may be even a bath!

Top will probably be my dog of choice as he is confident, with a short coat and short ears, ideal for showing off some bespoke Meg Heath attire. A ginger ninja, so most of our kit will probably be black and brown, but I think we’ll show off some of our brass wares adorning my beautiful canine leashes and neckwear ahem, collars.

Half check and dog lead
Top – The Ginger One!

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