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How we started

How We Started

A lot of people ask me how we started this business. It was sort of planned and unplanned to be fair. I went to Heckington Show, Lincolnshire in 2006 and saw a stall selling dog leads – training leads, dog leads, training lines, long lines, dog collars etc. I thought I can do this better.

So I bought an industrial sewing machine for under £300 and found my supplier to buy webbing, trigger hooks, O rings and the rest of my supplies. I bought my own software to design the website to sell the dog leads from and designed it myself. I updated the software over the years, but it was essentially all my design.


In Sep 2012 my old website was badly hacked – it was fatal! What a learning curve that was for the dog leads business! Anyway, I had a new site designed costing a few ££££ and managed to resurrect the old dog leads web page by installing some code to tell Google that my page was OK again and malware free!

Now 12 years later I’m very happy with the way things are going, but trying to teach myself some marketing strategies. This Blog is part of that.

Why not try us, we are truly bespoke and make all your dog leads & collars from the raw materials just sat here in command central, nothing is a stock item, I sew them when your order comes through.

In October 2015 we decided to go for a complete overhaul of the site you see today. It is worked on every week to keep it in tip-top condition. I look forward to discussing your dog lead and dog training requirements.

~ Sarah