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Knuckle Bones for oral health in dogs

Knuckle bones

Knuckle Bones are my top recommendation for keeping tartar at bay in dogs.

Ok, I’m no vet so you really should not avoid getting vets advice, but read my blog and make a sensible decision about your dogs’ teeth and their oral health.

I have always been a multi-dog household and have never had a better method for keeping my dogs’ teeth clean. Roast knuckle bones are great for when:

  • Teeth are starting to brown and cleaning the teeth with dog toothpaste is not working
  • There is tartar on your dogs’ teeth
  • There is very thick tartar on your dogs’ teeth!

Do not rely on this method when:

  • Your dog has cavities (which may not be evident as the tartar is covering it)
  • Cavities mean extractions, so please see a vet
  • Your dog guards bones and is aggressive (if you can safely leave them alone while chewing the knuckle bone then this is your call)
  • If you have a guarder, use a lead like one of our house lines to lead your dog away when they get a bit silly around the bone

When using this method, make sure you:

  • Allow supervised sessions of chewing
  • Throw the bone away 1-2 days
  • Watch their pooping as bones will firm your dogs’ stools


  • Discard bones after a day or two as they can splinter
  • Make sure you supervise as your dog may actually eat the whole bone (yes believe it)
  • Throw the knuckle bone away afterwards if it is really hot

Knuckle Bones and daily/weekly checks

This is my routine for my dogs’ oral health.

  • New dogs, get them used to being examined. Lift their lips and get them used to having their teeth examined
  • Check your dogs’ teeth weekly so you can monitor how dirty they are getting
  • It is possible that some dogs teeth will stay pearly white versus a dog of the same age with disgusting thick tartar
  • If you can clean your dogs’ teeth with a toothpaste and brush then this is great as well as using knuckle bones
  • I recommend Logic Oral Hygiene Gel for Dogs because you can actually just put this on your dogs’ teeth without doing much else if you find brushing their teeth difficult


Nylabones are great if your dog will chew but either you or your dog is not keen on the whole real bone thing. That’s Ok because I use Nylabones too.

I recommend you make sure you are using the right type of Nylabone for the type of life stage of your dog. Don’t do what I stupidly did once and thought I was saving money by buying the puppy Nylabones for an adult chewer, they don’t last long and can even be dangerous.

The bits that break off an unsuitable chew can become stuck in your dogs intestine and may even prove fatal, so mark my words.

That’s about all folks. If you have any questions about this topic, remember I’m not a vet but have been using this method successfully for many years.

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