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HELP! I can’t get a pee sample from my dog!

Have you ever struggled to get a urine sample from your dog? 

Technique 1.

Have no fear, I developed a technique that has you covered as long as your dog will pee on a solid floor, for example relatively smooth concrete or slabs.

Equipment needed:

  • A tub (to put the urine in once collected)
  • Silver foil about 10 inches square (or thereabouts)
  • A syringe (optional)


  1. Have your tub and foil, syringe if you have one to hand.
  2. Take the dog out for a pee on concrete/slabs etc (vets usually ask for an early morning sample)
  3. Just had a thought, if your dog pees on pee pads you could wring it out?
  4. Go to said pee puddle and either syringe it up and straight into the tub or fold the foil over in half and lay the folded edge next to pee and using your hand (yes use your hands – man up!) and flick it onto the foil.
  5. Pick foil up off the ground in such a way that it holds the pee, now put it into the tub.
  6. Hey presto! You’re done.

Technique 2.

This is easy but most people struggle because they miss one vital technique and that is to use something flat like a plate otherwise how will you catch it with smaller dogs or bitches who squat low?

  1. Have the dog on a lead so you aren’t chasing him/her around.
  2. Get a plate, have your tub ready.
  3. Slide under and collect urine.
  4. Put into the container.
  5. Done.


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