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Essential Guide To Travelling With Your Dog

Our Guest Post this month is Essential Guide To Travelling With Your Dog. I don’t get the opportunity to travel much with my 9 dogs but when I decide to go somewhere with 1, 2 or 3 or them, usually to Scotland or the Lakes, I like to be well prepared, heck I’ve even got a special travel bag for going to the vets, mainly because it’s a bit of a novelty for me to actually go out!

Short Days Out, What To Take

On mini days out, I thought I’d share with you the stuff I take with me to make sure our day goes without a hitch. It includes products from the Meg Heath store and recommended stores, read on…

My short journey pack consists of water, bowl, poop bags, lead, collar, harness, Car Boot Lead, towel (maybe x 2), vet bed, blanket or throw, a crate if needed (usually the Car Boot Lead – 1 per dog and maybe a spare) and my sanity usually intact at the beginning!

Weekends away with your dog

I just love the soft crate idea for any dog who you might want to pop to bed in somewhere a little more secure at night or even when you need somewhere safe for your doggy to be whilst travelling. This soft crate is more for the bedroom, but a smaller one is ideal for popping up quickly where safety is paramount.

This month thanks to Jay Williams, we have a fantastic infographic that shows in one handy image, a comprehensive list of things you can consider when travelling with your dog.


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