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Dog Walking Dilemmas

Dog Walking Belt

Shoulder Saver Dog Walking Belt, belt attachments and adjustable dog leads

Helps with: Shoulder, wrist, arm, back injuries, walking a strong dog or dogs, or multiple dogs or just general ease walking your dog or dogs. Popular with professional dog walkers.

Suggested Kit:

The shoulder saver is a 50mm width dog walking belt that features adjustability for your comfort, the option to choose a padded version, 4 attachments for 4 dog leads, lead attachments to help solve lead tangling and adjustable dog leads to help prevent your dog stepping over the lead and you tripping over your dog.

The walking belt and its components can be sold separately or as a bundle.

Bundle includes:

  • Walking Belt
  • Lead attachments
  • Adjustable dog leads – 1 – 1.35 cm length

How does the belt work?

Our Shoulder Saver is adjusted using heavy duty hook & loop tape (Velcro). It features 4 x 50mm D rings on the front of the belt to attach your dog leads.

dog walking belt
The Shoulder saver Dog Walking Bet shown with the lead attachments

We recommend our adjustable dog leads with O rings on the handles to help prevent tangling and tripping. The adjustable dog lead allows for the differences in walking dogs of different sizes and for when your dog calms down, and the slack needs to be taken up.

Super Leash Adjustable Dog Lead
The Super Leash – Adjustable Dog Lead (1-1.35 cm in length)
Recommended for use with the Shoulder Saver Dog Walking Belt and belt attachments

We have designed a unique to Meg Heath lead attachment short double trigger ended fixed piece to aid untangling or your dogs’ leads. You would need 1 of these per dog you walk, up to 4.


The Dog Walking Belt along with its attachments and leads are available through Meg Heath Dog Leads, they are all made by me from scratch and field tested thoroughly. They can be bought as a bundle or separately.

We hope you can look forward to more enjoyable walks with our products. Let us know what type of dog walking dilemmas you face and if you think there is something we could make to help? Comment below.

~ Sarah

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  1. This looks awesome! I have multiple dogs and walking them is always a hassle

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