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Dog Rescue Organisations – Product Give-Away – June 2018

Dog Rescue organisations

Dog Rescue Organisations – Product Giveaway, this month, June 2018, 3 dog rescues will be the lucky winners of some of our products.

If you would like to be considered for this, please fill out the form below to be added to our list of entrants.

Tell us in a few words, why your organisation would benefit from winning this prize.

Dog Rescue Organisations

Every so often, we like to support dog rescue organisations in the UK. This June, we have some items that were used in a product shoot and are no longer of use to us.

The following items are up for grabs:

  • Martingale Harness and Lead
  • Collar and Double Up Lead
  • Head Collar and Safety Lead
  • Long Line


  1. We have 4 sets of prizes to give away to4 separate dog rescues.
  2. The entrants will be allocated a number and a random number generator will be used.
  3. Entries close at midnight on Saturday 30th June.
  4. The winners will be notified within 48 hours.
  5. Prizes will be posted second class Royal Mail.
  6. U.K. only

Reasons to support dog rescue

There are so many reasons why you should support dog rescue organisations and charities in the UK and abroad. Rescue volunteers work tirelessly to re-home lost, abandoned and unwanted animals through no fault of their own.

I spoke to Chris Whippey this week, ex RSPCA shelter manager, he  says “the number of dogs put to sleep in the UK is currently around 6,000, which is still unacceptable, although compared to the 1960’s, the UK as a whole put 50,000 dogs to sleep per year, we have come a long way with domestic animal welfare since those days.”

On the RSPCA website, they state many statistics, however oddly they don’t state how many dogs are put to sleep each year with no figures for 2017.

Dogs Trust goes one better and publishes a full report dated September 2016. Although there may be data missing as they rely on Local Authorities submitting their figures and some do not reply, this is why there is a big difference in my quoted figures.

Dogs Trust euthanasia figures September 2016












I am not clear if these are just Dogs Trust figures or nationwide. Still an unnaceptable amount given the amount of dogs bred by back street breeders, puppy farms and flippant breeding from accidental matings by people who are uneducated about how to deal with unwanted pregnancies in dogs.

Please feel free to comment below, we’d love your feedback. Do you work for a rescue organisation or charity? Tell us your story.

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