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Dog Leash 101

Carabiner Dog Lead

Eliminate the confusion with our Dog Leash 101!

In our Dog Leash 101, we aim to eliminate the confusion from the massive choice in our online store. If you still aren’t sure which lead you need. please contact us.

Long Training Lead

This lead is used for extending your dogs’ range, giving them more freedom. They come in lengths from 5 to 50 metres. Our leads come in a variety of colours, such as black, royal blue, red, navy blue, cerise, bottle green, chocolate brown, purple, orange, yellow, white, fluorescent yellow, electric blue, emerald, lilac, baby blue, baby pink and sky blue.

There are various options for example padded handle, brass or nickel fittings and width choice of 19 or 25mm.

Training Lead (Police Dog Style)

This lead is like the Halti Lead, with a trigger hook at each end, an O ring at one end the 2 O rings situated along the lead, making adjusting the length of this lead easy. Ideal for double leading a dog, such as attaching to a head collar and a dog collar.

Comes in the colours as above, brass or nickel fittings and either 19 or 25mm widths.

Carabiner Dog Lead

A carabiner is a loop usually made of steel or aluminium and can come with a load rating (ours are 450 kilograms), they have a spring loaded gate, used where safety is critical. Sometimes called D rings, they are widely used by professionals where a rope is used such as construction, sailing, caving, arboriculture (tree stuff!), and where you might be more familiar, climbing and mountaineering.

Fairly new o the UK is the swivel carabiner. They are similar to the trigger hook you are familiar with that one usually finds on a dog lead, but they are a carabiner, thus called a swivel carabiner.

The typical mountaineering carabiner is not the one used on our leads, but we do carry stock of them and can make any bespoke dog lead within our power.

Our swivel carabiners are protected against unintentional opening as you have to rotate and pull to releases the gate. These are called twist and push lock.

Moving on to their use with a dog lead, we make the Carabiner Dog Lead and The Carabiner Car Boot Lead. The carabiner dog lead is just a dog lead with a carabiner instead of a trigger hook. The Carabiner Car Boot Lead is a car lead that is suited to boot anchor points in a car that is too bulky for the trigger hook.

The figure of 8 Lead

The figure of 8 lead refers to the direction of the lead as it sits on the dogs head. It goes over the nose, crosses under the dog’s chin, up the sides of the cheeks and over the top of the dogs head behind its’ ears. The lead goes through a ring with a handle at the handler end.

Popular with dogs that pull on the lead with the contact point being at the top of the dogs head, unlike our Simple Leader Head Collar.

Double Up Lead

This lead can be halved in length, so if you purchase the 4 metre double up lead, it can be halved to 2 metres. With a special ring-webbing action sewn into the dogs’ end of the lead, you can thread the lead through itself, making a shorter lead.

Slip Lead

This lead is one length of webbing with a ring at one end. When the handle is threaded through, it makes a noose and its popular with dogs that pull.

Super Dog Leash

A Meg Heath design protected product, the Super Leash is an adjustable lead with a padded handle. A lead that was designed to everything, or at least be adjustable and have a soft handle to hold.

Dog Walking Belt

The dog walking belt is a belt that goes around your waist with various attachment points for leads to be clipped. Used in conjunction with leads that have rings on the handles and popular with dogs that pull or owners of multiple dogs.

House Line or trailing lead

This is a 2-metre dog lead featuring a light rigger hook and no handle. This lead does not have a handle because it is designed to be left on the dog, makes it less likely to get caught under doors etc.

Used for non-confrontational dog handling for example for when wanting to remove a dog from a situation like a sofa!

Head Collar Safety Lead

Another design protected Meg Heath product. This lead feature 2 trigger hooks at the dogs head, designed to be clipped to a head collar and a collar. They can be modified to fit any 2 products, for example, a collar and harness or a head collar and harness.

Car Boot Lead

This car boot lead is adjustable, made to be short measuring 50-75 cm.

The Car Boot Lead can also be used to attach your dog to the headrest. A design protected Meg Heath product.

Carabiner Car Boot Lead

Same as above but the carabiner means you can fix to bulkier car boot anchor points. This car lead cannot be fitted to the headrest of your car.

Car Lead Lite

This car lead is a lighter budget alternative, made from lighter webbing with a trigger hook at each end. This car lead is adjustable, made to be short measuring 50-75 cm but is not suited for headrests.

More products being added regularly. New in July 2018, the Handy Holder and the Coupler.

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