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Dog Blogs

As I seem to be doing a lot of blogging just lately in the name of SEO, visitors and conversion tactics etc, I thought I’d do some research on other dog blogs, so here are a few copied from pages around the interweb.

Copied from So full credit to them, thank you.

  • Blogpaws – bringing you nose to nose with social media FAVE!
  • All Things Dog Blog – All Things Dog Blogs goal is to help families with their “Life with Dog” problems. FAVE!
  • Bringing up Bella – Bringing up Bella is a journal of sorts about a beautiful, crazy, smart (and crazy-smart) rescue dog, Bella
  • Life with Desmond – Desmond David Jones Forge is a rescue greyhound-pit bull mix (with some pointer and maybe some plot in there, too)
  • My Brown Newfies – My Brown Newfies is a personal pet/lifestyle blog where Jennifer writes about her two brown Newfies, dogs, pet health, pet products, family, and totally crazy stories that only seem to ever happen to her and her dogs.
  • Tales and Tails – Greyhounds, a German shepherd and lots of great photos can be expected on this blog.
  • That Mutt: A Dog Blog – That Mutt is your place for info on dog training, exercise, nutrition, adoption and product reviews.
  • The Elka Almanac – one awesome dog blog about the Doberman Elka
  • The Poodle and Dog Blog – fun dog-related stories and Poodles, of course!
  • Very ViVi – some of the most gorgeous dog photos in Blogville.
  • 2 Brown Dawgs Blog – A blog about brown dogs (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers) who love going hunting with their humans.
  • BZ Dogs – Pawsome photos of two even more Golden Retrievers called Henry & Zachary.
  • Labrador Training HQ – Lots of good advice for training labrador doggies
  • Life with Beagle – Love Beagles? Then here’s your blog.
  • My GBVG Life – Emma, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén, loves to blog about her adventures and her photos are always extra special.  She has even written a book!
  • Pawsitively Pets – Love pets? Then you’ll love this cute blog written by former vet tech Ann Staub.
  • Sugar the Golden Retriever – Golden woofs from our favourite Golden Retriever girl who loves blogging about yummy treats, walkies and more!
  • The Misadventures of Misaki – The Alaskan Malamute puppy who is always up to some fun adventures!
  • Something Wagging This Way Comes – thoughtful, insightful and fun musings about the amazing bond between humans and canines.
  • Bongo Dog Blog – Bongo always finds something fun to write about on his trails
  • Gardening with Wyatt – Like gardening? Like Airedale terriers? Here’s your blog
  • Kol’s Notes – doggie DIY tips and fun stories from Kol the Puggle and his mama

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