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Clicker Training, Hypnotherapy and Trypophobia

Trypophobia and Clicker Training

Clicker training you may have heard of especially if you are into dog training, hypnotherapy every one has heard of, but trypophobia, what the heck is that? How can these 3 words be in the same sentence you ask, read on…

What is Trypophobia

Trypophobia – look it up, that is if you don’t suffer from this phobia otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it as Google is full of trigger images.

I can’t speak for everyone as we all vary, but my trigger images are mainly but not exclusively found in nature. I have triggers with some man-made patterns too. By now are you getting some idea?

Trypophobia for me is a phobia of repeating patterns. But there is one thing I can’t put into words and that’s how it makes me feel. I think it started as a kid, although I don’t know why or how. My mum doesn’t know either.

So how does clicker training and hypnotherapy come into the same blog post?


In 2012 ish, I went for hypnotherapy to help me with my running, sure it helped temporarily, but in her room, something made my trypo ten times worse. I already suffered but during this hypnotherapy session, something happened. She asked me if I had any phobias, I told her, I said I don’t really like that pointing to an ornament of some creature thing with a scaly pattern on it. I thought no more of it. So we did the hypnotherapy thing and that night I went home jumped on the treadmill and ran like the clappers.

However, there was quite an extreme side effect. When I was walking my dogs at a certain point walking around the paddock I had an extreme emotional reaction. I burst into tears, it was really bad actually but I can’t explain it any more than that.

I walked around 3 times or so and thought, I can’t bloody have this. I tried to figure out what it was. Was it the clover? There’s a patch of clover up the field that has really small leaves, drives me crazy sometimes, but I walk over it several times a day, so learn to ignore it.

The Dog Training Clicker saved the dayClicker for dog training

I can’t remember if it was that day or the next day, but I’d made some Madeira cake (or had I bought it, probably the latter knowing my baking skills). So I got my clicker and headed up the field alone, cake in hand.

I had already identified that moment where the emotion built up, so with that in mind before this happened, I clicked then filled my gob with Madeira cake. Repeat x 3 or 4 times.


Would you bloody believe it, I had cured myself. Well, let’s be fair, I couldn’t carry on like that could I, balling every time I walked around the field?

It was definitely something to do with the hypnotherapy and the existing phobia but thanks to clicker training, it and I saved the day.

Now I still get the heeby-jeebies at certain triggers. My worst is bearded dragons and similar. I don’t like the vaseline advert with all those people on it with their hands in the air and the channel 5 logo with all the little wavey bits on it.

Do you have a similar story relating to clicker training or suffer the same weird or another type of weird phobia that you have no explanation for?

Please comment below, I’d love to hear your stories.

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