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Car Lead For Dogs

Car Lead For Dogs

Are you looking for a seat belt to safely tether your dog in your car? Sarah Gleave of Meg Heath dog leads has been making leashes since 2006 and the car lead was one of her first designs to be IP protected.

We recommend either a double-ended car seat belt lead like our car boot lead or one like Halfords Seat Belt Tether. The reason for this is that car seat belt attachments in cars are different, and there is no guarantee one bought as a pet car lead seat belt attachment is going to be safe.

I have had 2 seat belt attachments pop out while travelling in the car with my dog. You snap them in thinking your dog will be safe travelling in the car and you look to see they are loose.

June Setchwick – London

Car Harnesses

It is essential that a correctly fitting and well-made car harness is used in conjunction with a car seat belt lead for dogs. Do not fit a car leash to a neck collar or headcollar or even worse, use a slip lead.

For obvious reasons anything that could potentially jar your dogs neck is not safe to use in a car. Only a harness designed for use in a car is recommended.

Please stay tuned for us to stock a car harness but in the mean time, please check out this link.

Safe Car Travel for Dogs

We have always been an advocate of car safety, the main reason for many of our designs. People will continue to have un-tethered dogs in cars without realising the implications and the risk of their dogs injury.

Times I’ve seen dogs arrive at my kennels untethered in a car. The main situation here is customers opening the car boot and all I can hear is “wait, wait, WAIT!!! Stay there [opens boots tentitively] …” The idea for my car boot lead was to solve this problem.

Sarah @ Meg Heath Kennels

At Vets Now, one of the leading emergency vets in the UK, they blog about car safety and the dangers of un-tethered dogs.

Their head of Veterinary Standards, says this:

There has been a spate of cases recently in which dogs have been injured while travelling in cars, including several fatalities. Now small animal emergency specialists Vets Now are urging dog owners to think twice before letting their pets roam free in the car.
Laura Playforth, head of veterinary standards at Vets Now, said: “There’s a reason it’s a legal requirement for people to wear seat belts in cars.

Laura Playforth

Which Car Harness?

We all know the watchdog ‘Which?’ They write about the best car harness. They tried out 11 and blogged about their findings on which is the best car harness for your dog.

Rule 57 of the Highway Code

When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.

Rule 57 of the Highway Code

This was the only true guidance I could find. There are plenty of links out there but nothing with actual useable information for the likes of you and I that want clear and concise information about what is and is not recommended for dogs travelling in vehicles.

Crash Testing of Car Harnesses

I have carried out considerable research trying to establish what and how harnesses for use in cars, are tested. The Center for Pet Safety in the USA shows videos of life-like dogs (even looking like real animals in some videos, I certainly hope not!) in actual crash tests with some successful and some downright disastrous results. If you are interested, click the above link and satisfy yourself that the harness you are buying is safe for your dog and its’ intended use.

Black Diamond Equipment in Austria blog about load testing on carabiners. A great article for information about strength testing on carabiners. These articles have certainly given me food for thought about future designs I might create and also a consideration for any I currently sell.

My Marty Harness certainly isn’t and never claimed to be a car travel harness, it has never been crash tested and is only for dog walking. The Car Boot lead is for precisely that, it stops your dog jumping out of your car when the car boot is opened. We also have a carabiner option, called the Carabiner Car Boot Lead. The carabiner used here – the swivel carabiner, IS load tested, details of which may be obtained from myself.


Please spread the word about dogs and car safety. Still, too many people just don’t think, and put their dogs in the car without and form of safety considered.

Also consideration for the correct type of equipment that keeps our dogs safe and us too, as in the event of a sudden stop or crash of any kind, dogs become missiles as would we if we did not have our seat belt on.

Please pop any comments below and anything you think I may have missed or you would like me to write about.

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