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Bee Stings, Honey Bees, White Clover and My Dog

Honey Bee

Bee stings and dogs do not end well. I have a paddock full of White Clover or Trifolium repens, the white clover (also known as Dutch clover, Ladino clover, or Ladino). We have to keep it mowed regularly otherwise the Honey Bees become a problem because as the field is solely used for walking the dogs.

The drone of the Honey Bees is an odd experience, but once we can hear this, we know it’s time to do some grass cutting.

It is a regular occurrence here to have to catch a dog limping off on 3 legs after getting stung by a Honey Bee. It happened today, poor Maisie ran off on 3 legs, wondering what the heck happened. I caught her and pulled out a minute sting. It’s only through experience that I knew what to do, but I can imagine many a dog owner seeing their poor dog limping around on 3 legs and not knowing what to do.

If this happens to you, don’t panic, there’s no need. Just follow the instructions below to deal with it quickly and without fuss.

What do I do if I suspect my dog has been stung?

If you are walking on a grassy area where White Clover is prominent, then there is a fair chance your dog has been stung. Here’s what to do.

  • Get a firm hold of your dog or get someone to help you
  • Lift up their paw
  • Look underneath on their pads for the bee sting
  • You are looking for a small white-ish thing
  • Pull it out with your fingers, then throw it away
  • Your dog should now be none the wiser
  • If any swelling occurs, it will very likely go down after a few days
  • If in any doubt, please see your vet as bee stings are painful for them

Bee Stings

It will look something like this –


bee stings

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