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We are Meg Heath Dog Leads, the leaders in handmade and bespoke dog leads, collars, head collars and harnesses, also treat bags, mobility aids, luxury material and leather dog collars.

Bespoke Dog Leads

  • Established in 2006
  • 20 years experience in kennels and dog training
  • 12 years in dog rescue
  • Amazing feedback & product reviews
  • Driven by customer satisfaction
  • We make prototypes, like wheelchair leads

Designer Dog Leads

7 of my designs in the store at this time are unique to Meg Heath, designed by Sarah. These are:

VERY satisfied with my car boot leads and service. Meg Heath Dog Leads breaks the mould.
So, we have all shopped on the internet and have been disappointed when the item arrives and it fails to live up to expectations that the web site has set us. Well, I am very pleased to report that the Meg Heath Dog Leads car boot lead breaks this mould !!!
I was frankly stunned by the high quality material and the sturdy fixings that the lead came with and I cannot recommend these highly enough.
Meg Heath Dog Leads are definitely first on my list when it comes to future orders and suggest you give them a try too!

~ Nick Holden (January 2019)


Here are a few reviews I’ve copied from my Facebook page

April is chuffed with her new collar and lead. I know it’s not her birthday until Saturday, but I gave it to her early.😍😍😍xxx from April.

I have bought leads and, recently, one of the new treat bags (love it). Good quality items and excellent prices.

I was looking for a couple of adjustable and long leads and importantly, good quality webbing with brass fixings – which were surprisingly difficult to find. 
Meg Heath leads are excellent quality and built to last, they were turned around so quickly and arrived just in time for me to collect our rescue Greyhound. I can’t thank you enough.

I ordered a new head collar and the quality is second to none, it fits perfectly and looks good. I highly recommend meg heath dog leads and customer service is great.

Thank you for the excellent service. I ordered a new collar and lead for my Goldie. This is only the second lead I have had for him, both made by you. The first lead is still in a good condition but felt he deserved a nice new one. He is now 6 and a big strong boy and very enthusiastic about life. Thanks again.

Very quick turnaround on ordering and it arriving in my postbox! High-quality lead, comfortable for me to hold and comfortable for my dog. Good length as well!

Sarah’s leads are fantastic and her customer service is second to none! From the outset she helped me choose the best leads giving great advice. When I recently had a problem with one of my leads she sent me a replacement the next day. I can’t recommend her and her leads enough! In fact I often do!! Thank you Sarah keep up the good work!!!

Excellent made quality leads. Perfect for use for our boarding kennels. Thank you.

Beautiful, well made items (collars and lead), prompt and polite service. Very happy customer and dogs.

I’m very hard to please. I placed a very specific order for a bespoke harness and collar for a large bull breed dog. 48 hours after placing my order I received perfection! The colour, the fit, the quality all perfect. The style stops my boy pulling. 100% satisfied. I will be placing more orders and telling my friends about Sarah Thank you x

5* customer service, top quality products, swift dispatch and delivery. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere, I had a long detailed conversation with the lovely Sarah and just two days later I received three bespoke 6′ leads. They are beautifully stitched, have fantastic carabiner’s that are very safe both ends so I can use them with my walking belt or in the usual way as they have padded fleece lined handles. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I will be telling everyone to come to you now.

We are very happy with Sarah’s products which she skilfully makes herself! We have purchased a pink and a blue dog lead and collars to match and 2 head collars, thank you, Sarah. Will use again and recommend 100%.

Thank you for being able to supply a slip lead to my requirements. I’d been looking for some time without success until I found your site. Lead is great and delivery was extremely fast.

FANTASTIC, received my order the following day it was amazing I bought the double up lead that I’ve been looking for for months, would definitely recommend I’ll be buying another one soon, don’t hesitate and all your doggy stuff from here, once again thank you for great value for money and service.

Nothing is too much trouble for Sarah, and I was trouble lol. I picked a material she normally doesn’t work with and even told me she wasn’t happy with them when other companies would just ship them out. Sarah goes above and beyond and is patient and very understanding of people’s wants and needs. Very satisfied customer.

Ordered my 10M training lead while it was on offer (a little while back) my first MHDL. Came really quick, faultless service great quality lead worth every penny will definitely be adding more MHBDLs to my ever-growing collection.

All I can say is that my dogs are a lot happier on their new figure 8 leads, I have been recommending them to everyone.

It’s like walking a different dog, using the figure 8 head collar need another for my dog.

I love my dog walking bag. There is enough room to carry everything I need – dog treats, phone, purse, keys, tissues – & I can clip my dickie bag on too. I love the over shoulder strap but think I will use the round the waist one most. As always a great product & great customer service. The collars you made Sarah are gorgeous too. Thank you so much.

Five stars so far – very attentive service to a champion faffer!

We love our new long lead. Having huskies that can’t be off this gives them the freedom but with safety. Fast delivery.

22 thoughts on “Dog Leads, Dog Collars, Training Leads, Headcollars & Harnesses

  1. First time on your site but definitely not the last. Great delivery and great packaging. My harness is beautiful and well made.
    Thank you

  2. Delighted with the 20m flo yellow training lead. The quality and service is superb I now am looking forward to taking my cockapoo Monty to the beach without the fear of him running off !! Many Thanks Sarah I would not hesitate to recommend Kindest Regards Dawn

  3. Hiya
    My apologies for not sending photos sooner; do not know how the days manage to fly by. But perhaps that has something to do with your leads!!! They have definitely given me the confidence to take my two puppies anywhere; including on the paths outside our home next to the busy A16!!
    The picture shows my husband using these with both; he does get a little tangled though!!! But they are brilliant; will not come undone, tough even though we sometimes have the maypole effect (they go round each other !) they feel extremely strong, as I said before; substantial!!!
    The extra long leads are really good for letting the pups sniff about and then when we walk to heal (would you believe they are getting quite good at this, do not have the maypole effect so much!!) they shorten to the perfect length for those narrow paths.
    I use the long training lead with one of the longer leads threaded through to train them round the garden, do not get tangled with 2 then and can see which dog is where easily with colours. Have been training them round the garden and free walking round garden with them. We have a large pond and certain terrain which has worried me so this has allowed them to become familiar with garden and makes me more confident.
    All in all, your leads have given me the confidence to take my pups anywhere and know they will come to no harm.
    So thank you.
    As well, I shall soon be getting in touch again as they have nearly grown out of their collars, would you believe!!!!
    Thank you again, and sorry I have been so long sending pictures.
    Kindest regards

  4. I have ordered the 50 m long lead. Arrived in time, and a very good quality. Works perfectly with my German Shepherds. Thank you very much

    1. Yours was the first 50 mt dog training lead I made in flo yellow Kris and with your bespoke options of double solid brass trigger hooks, padded handle and double up, it sure was a unique project! … and all the way to Ireland.

  5. Just what we were looking for, a long lead for walking Missy on the long mynd hills. She likes to play but doesn’t realize the sheep think she is chasing them. Now she can only get as far as we want her to. Have just ordered the police style leads.

  6. One of the most professional companies I have ever dealt with. Superb designs innovative and contemporary whist retaining function. Their interpersonal skills have to he experienced to believe. Caring and compassionate to their clients needs and cost effective tailor made products . No hesitation in recommending them. [Taken from Trustpilot]

  7. I can thoroughly recommend Meg Heath collars and leads. I have purchased many of these (I sometimes have four dogs at a time) over a considerable amount of years, they last for ages and ages. Two of my leads right now are being used for two dogs one aged 6 and one 7. These leads were previously used for two other dogs and the years of use total up to 16 years so far! I always have the brass fitments and these products have always looked like new. They are beautifully hand made and very robust. The most recent one I have purchased was 5 months ago for a new addition so I know the quality is still the same. [Taken from Trustpilot].

  8. Leads, dog collars and harnesses received, ordered Monday received today. Beyond our expectations Sarah Gleave colour is just gorgeous and quality exquisite. Plenty of growth in harnesses and collars should last them a long time. Once again thank you we are absolutely thrilled with them and Meena and Lulu say woof woof for the treats.

  9. Nothing is too much trouble for Sarah, and I was trouble lol. I picked a material she normally doesn’t work with and even told me she wasn’t happy with them when other companies would just ship them out. Sarah goes above and beyond and is patient and very understanding of people’s wants and needs. Very satisfied customer.

    Angie McGuckin

  10. I’m so happy with my leads. I couldn’t find what I wanted so after an in depth conversation I had bespoke leads made. They are strong with the most amazing carabinas that are so secure. There is no danger of them coming undone whilst on a walk and because they swivel less chance of my boys getting tangled. I can use them with my walking belt or in the usual way. The padded handles are super soft and comfortable. They were made and delivered in two days. Highly recommended.

  11. Thank you for brilliant service and very good quality well made leads. Very pleased with them and will highly recommend

  12. I LOVE my 10 foot lead. It’s so practical, double it up to 5 ft for safe road side walking & let it out to 10 foot for a bit more freedom to explore smells in the woods but safe in the knowledge that your pup will be coming home with you at the end of the walk! I bought this as a dog walker for a spaniel that is a definite flight risk when on a squirrel chase! It makes our walks so much easier. It’s a lovely colour too, I have a 20 foot blue lead but I prefer the colour of this one.

    Thanks so much
    Claire Thornton [Claire’s Paw Patrol]

  13. Hi Sarah,

    First of all I must say how impressed I was with the speed at which I received my order – I couldn’t believe it when it dropped through my front door within a couple of days of placing the order.

    This was the first time I had ordered the Marty (or used any harness) but like many other customers had said in their reviews, it was simple to fit and adjust and lovely and soft, just like your collars and leads. My dog Merlin didn’t even notice anything different from his normal collar and it certainly did not stop him running after the ball as usual when off lead! When on the lead I feel I have more control if he lunges towards another dog (he is very protective and doesn’t like his space invaded – he ignores other dogs if they don’t appear threatening or in his face too much) and it is kinder to his neck and offers more security.

    I wasn’t sure if Merlin would take to this harness so I also bought another half check collar just in case, together with a new police style training lead, both of which were of course up to the usual high standard I have come to expect from you.

    So thank you again Sarah!


  14. I asked Sarah to custom make me a walking belt to which dog leads could be attached to enable me to walk my dogs safely, whilst not straining my hands and wrists which are very arthritic. The brief was quite loose, as Sarah is the expert and knew exactly what was needed. I’m sure she must had had her doubts though! The belt and leads that she came up with are perfect, and I would highly recommend anyone with who has difficulties keeping hold of energetic dogs on the lead to seek out her advice. Thank you Sarah. Gee

  15. Excellent products. Well made and in good range of colours

    1. wow thanks Alison, always good to get feedback on our dog leads.

  16. I’ve bought several items from ‘Meg Heath Leads’ – 2 car boot safety leads, a 10m long line, a custom-made collar and 2 custom-made double ended carabiner training leads! The carabiner training leads have been my most important purchase. I now have absolute confidence that my dog is completely safe if we’re walking by a road, following a nightmare with a previous ‘shop-bought’ lead. Communication was brilliant with the custom-made orders – I got exactly what I wanted! Everything I’ve bought has been made to a very high standard, fab quality and very quickly delivered! Highly recommended!!

  17. I bought 2 car boot safety leads from here to try and stop my dogs jumping out of the back of the estate, but at the same time keeping them safe whilst I was driving. My rescue GSD being the worst culprit for jumping out as soon as the boot starts to open, this way I know she is safe and will not run off and be scared as she is very nervous and not good around strangers.
    The quality of the leads is great and well worth the money. Both dogs, the GSD and black Lab have room to move around with the leads clipped onto their harnesses, they sit up, lie down even get up to bark at passing cyclists when we are parked. Sorry cyclists but they are only protecting their space.

    1. Thanks Kathryn, glad to hear the dog leads are working for you.

  18. We purchased two boot safety leads for our lively black labs. Previously we would have to be very careful when opening the boot – as our labs would be very eager to jump out! With our new safety leads, we can open the boot with the knowledge that they are not going to come to any danger. They can still lay down and relax in the boot – as the leads are long enough not to restrict their movement. Excellent quality too!

    1. Thanks Ali, dog leads working as intended, very pleased !

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